EDIT: I've finished this.

OK this is my theory about Peppa Pig.Don't feel offended and know it is not true, I did this for fun.I don't look too deep into shows.Also I give this a age rating of 12.Here it goes;

Peppa was born in 1900.An insane heroine addict, she always wanted to have things her way and wanted everyone to treat her nice, her only friend was a teddy, she loved the teddy, and she even kept it up until she died, she got cancer at the age of 19, she died in her bed, with the teddy next to her as she drew her final breath.

George was born in 1903, he never really knew his older sister, and he always iscolated himself from the real world and the real people around him, he always played with a toy dinosaur, he never stopped, even in adult hood, but one day, at the age of 18. while he was crossing the road alone, with his dinosaur, a driver who did not see him ran him over, fatally breaking his neck as the tire strode across his head, she did not come back the driver, nor does anyone know what happened to her.

Rebbeca was born in 1910, she always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but one day, when she was 21, she was carelessly, she injected a patient with the wrong fluid, killing him, she was fired and sued for 100 pounds from the family, she went home and carelessly, she went to the roof of her house to hang herself, she was still living with her parents at the time, she wrapped a barbed wire noose around her neck, and before jumping off, she shed a tear.Richard then was walking outside, Rebbeca's corpse hit him with a large force, that cause him to fall down the hill, he then fell into the window of a car, he fell into the drivers head, causing to drive to crash into a pedestrian. Killing all three of them (Richard, the driver, and pedestrian).

Candy was born in 1913, she was never noticed a lot, and she had very little friends, one night when she was 17 and she could drive, she decided to go out one night to find friends, she found a few friends and even a boyfriend, but in the summer of 1913, she was driving home from a night club and she was drunk while driving and she crashed her car into the sea, she died from drowning. Amazingly, her body was not found until 2009, almost 100 years after she died.

Danny was born in 1917, his father was usually away from home sailing, he and his mother did not get along, and when his father endlessly went on month long fishing trips, he decided when he was 15 to drown himself in a lake not far from his home, he jumped into the river on a cold winters day, his mother was a careless bitch, so she did not do anything.

Pedro was born in 1921 always un-capable of his actions, as you might have guessed, he died in an accident, when he was 17, he was driving on slippery roads, and he was not wearing a seat belt, so he was flung through the front window and he landed face-down on the road, he died a few hours later from blood loss.

Zoe was born in 1930, she was not a flawful person, but she was not the perfect person either! She started to drive at 17, like most others. She was a good driver, but she didn't have a great car; she had knives spread all over the place, glass smashed on the floor, a smell of alcohol and an unexplainable pair of shears. When she was driving and she was half asleep after a night out when she was 19, the random pair of shears she had flew into her throat when she hit a bump on the road.

Emily was born in 1942, she had a younger brother named Edmond, while Emily tried to learn how to drive, she failed, but a few months later, her younger brother Edmond succeeded, in a raging temper, she stole the car from him one night while he was studying. She was not very good at driving, she then crashed into a large stone on a round about, she flung into it, she had her teeth knocked out, part of her jaw manipulated and her bones dislocated and her brain was almost 97% useless after the blood loss from it, a screaming crowd witnessed her death, and another car then crashed into the car, and then another car, and to pile the whole thing up, a police car mounted atop the two other cars, Edmond who heard of the incident came rushing to see what had happened, his jaw opened and his eyes widened and he was speechless, what made the whole thing worse, was that a pick-up truck fledged into the tower of cars, hitting Zoe's body and lifted her up and making her land onto the surface of the rock, the force ultimately smashed her back and her head fell back and she then died with a smile on her face. It was far too much for Edmond to handle, so he ran into the road and got hit by a car, which was going super fast, the car front actually hurdled him into a fence of barbed wire, the barbs slashed his veins and he died slowly, 14 people died that night.

Zuzu and Zaza, the younger twin sisters of Zoey, were usually quiet, and kept to themselves or eachother. Zuzu became diagnosed with leukemia around 10 years after the death of the older sister, Zoey. She died in the April of 1941. Zaza became depressed for many years, but as she got older, she got married. She died of cancer in 2001.

Freddy was born in 1942, he was born to an alcoholic father, and a smoking-addict mother. He was usually ignored by most people, including his parents, however, he usually tried to keep positive. One day, in the winter of 1952, he felt like he was trying too hard to keep positive, and he felt like it was never going to work. He then went to a forest, covered in snow, and he then he cut himself on the chest, and then the throat, he died a few hours later.

Wendy Wolf was born in 1948, she was greatly ignored by almost everyone, so much to the point of some people even forgetting she existed. At the age of 13 in 1961, she died from taking an overdose of cocaine, rat poison and spices mixed together. She knew was going to die, but she did not care.