It is Christmas Time, in the Dome.And The Town is determind to make it one of the best Christmases even though they are still concerend about The Dome.Also, they must protect the Holiday Feast When The Old Mountain Grump Horrble Henlus threatens to ruin Christmas for them.Also, Captain Maculous is beggining his regin of terror over The City, and everyone must be braced for what is coming.


(Holiday Theme plays "Jingle Bells")

Grandad Dog: AHH, I LOVE The Holidays! Espically Around This Time of Year!

Edmond: So do I!

Grandad Dog: Was I talking to you!?!

Edmond: Uh....No-

Grandad Dog: THEN SHUT UP!

Edmond: Yes,Uh Yes Sir! *stays quiet*

Grandad Dog: Good, Now as I was saying, I am determind to make this year matter espically.Even though we are still stuck under this Dome! I'm plannng on havng the Christmas Tree brought nto Town, and then having a Gigantc Holiday Feast!

(The Scene switches to Peppa and Her Family at the store)

Peppa: Hum, What should I buy? What should I buy?

George: ?

Peppa: *whispering* I'm plannng on buying Mummy Pig this Basket for Christmas, but It needs to be in secret, so Shh!

George: *nods his head* Shh!

Peppa: *laughs* Yes, Exactly! Now to pick out a Bag!

Mrs. Rabbit: Hello, Peppa, Which bag would you like to buy Today?

Peppa: This One! *shows her a Green Bag*

Mrs. Rabbit: Alright Then! *hands the Bag to Peppa after it is bought* There Ya Go!

Peppa: Mummy! I'M READY!

Mummy Pig: Alright Then, Children, Let's Go!

(She,George,Peppa, and Daddy Pig all leave the store)

Danny: So, what do you want this Christmas Suzy?

Suzy: 'm not sure, just yet Danny, But I'll think of something! Bes, what about you?

Brianna Bear: HONEY!

(All three of them laugh)

Unnamed Narrator: But,While everyone down in The Town was excited about Christmas, there was someone who was NOT so excited all about Christmas!

(the scene switches to a Very Tall Mountain on the edge of Town)

(The Scene shows Horrible Henlus standng at the Edge of His Cave)

Unnamed Narrartor: Horrid Henlus hated Christmas! The Whole Christmas Season! No One Knows Why!

Horrible Henlus: *sees the lights coming on down below* They're Hanging They're Stockings! Tomorrow is Christmas! IT'S PRACTICALLY HERE! I must find a Way to stop it from coming! 

Unnamed Narrator: Thought Horrid Henlus

Horrible Henlus: Tommorrow, They will be playing wth they're toys! And for whatever reason, it causes NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! They're gonna do that, and then, they'll go outside for that stupid feast! And even worse, they're gonna roast The Frozen Meat! Then, Theyll sing! SING! SING! SING! And then, worst of all, they'll light the tree, and it'll blind me! It'll blind me so bad, even the bats won't come out to play! I've put up with this For 36 Years! IT'S TIME TO STOP THIS JUNK! I'M OVER IT! I must stop Christmas From Coming! BUT HOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Unnamed Narrator: But then, Horrible Henlus got a Idea! A Aweful Idea! Horrible Henlus got a Wonderful, Aweful Idea!

Horrible Henlus: *a gigantic Evil Grin appears on his face* I, WILL, DESTROY THOSE PRESENTS! I WILL THROW THEM OFF MOUNT DRUMPET! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'll dress up as Ole Father Christmas, then I'll go down there, and then I'lll steal all those presents! AND I'LL THROW THE OFF THE CLIFF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Lizard Fritz: *noise*


(All of a Sudden, A Horn blows, and Horrible Henlus hides inside his cave)

Horrible Henlus: THE FARMERS! THEY'RE COMING FOR ME! *he looks around, but sees nothing* Thank goodness, anyways, LET'S DO THIS!

(the scene switches to Phillip's Turkey Farm, where Captain Maculous is planning something)

Captain Maculous: What is it that you have for me, Leader?

Farmer Guard Leader: I have a Visitor for you! Boys! Bring Him In!

Farmer Guards: YES SIR! *they bring in a Unnamed Raccoon wrapped in a Rope*


Captain Maculous: Where Did You Find This Lost.....Er, Being?

Farmer Guard Leader: We caught him breaking into our Storage Locker outside!

Captain Maculous: *looks angrily at the Raccoon* WHO SENT YOU!?!?!?

Unnamed Raccoon: Urm, T-H-E C-crusincs!

Captain Maculous: YOU A SPY FOR THEM OR SOMETHING!?!?!?

Unnamed Raccoon: YES! YES SIR! 

Captain Maculous: Tell Me Where They're Hideout is, and I'll spare you!


Captain Maculous: Thank You, NOW LOCK HIM UP!

Unnamed Raccoon: WHA-!?!?!? YOU SAID-

Captain Maculous: I LIED! I DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO IS ON THAT CRUSINC'S SIDE! ALL! CRUSINC"S! MUST! BE! KILLED! *picks up his Hand-Made Sword, and angrily slices the Table in half* 

Farmer Guards: *throw the raccoon in the Empty Space and lock him up*


Captain Maculous: NEVER! I will decide what to do about you later! My Men, MARCH! 

Farmer Guards: YES MY LORD! *All start marching in a straight line*

Captain Maculous: I Will have all those worthless Crusinc's Wiped OUT! I Will get me a Spy for them as well! Leader! Tell me a Good Person for the Job!

Farmer Guard Leader: Cince Roderro Derrego Jr.?

Captain Maculous: YES! HE'S PERFECT! A startup in the fold! Excellent Thinking! But! I WIll wait and send some of my men after the Crusncs, and if most of my Men come back alive, then we'lll know that The Crusincs will be a Piece of Cake! If not, then I'll send him to get a idea on their weapons! 

Farmer Guard Leader: Excellent Idea, My Lord.

Unnamed Raccoon: *from inside the Locked Empty Room* LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!

Captain Maculous: BE QUIET!

  • silence*

Captain Maculous: Perfect, Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh!

(the scene switches to 2 Joggers running down the path on the edge of a cliff overlooking the river)

Jogger 1: This is Fun, isn't it?

Jogger 2: yeah, I mean, we can see the sky, the birds, the su-

Jogger 1: Hey What's THAT!?!?!? *points down the cliff to a Body Impaled on a Branch * I'd Better go check on him! *he runs down the cliff and checks him* He's gone, he's been shot in the chest, but his hand still feels like it's alive! We need to get him to a Hospital! He might can live if they can use the energy from the hand to flow through him! CALL THE AMBULANCE!

Jogger 2: Yeah, Got it! *calls the hospital*

Jogger 1: My gosh, I think this is Cince Roderro Derrego Sr.!

(the scene switches to Horrible Henlus preparing for his Journey the Next day) 

Horrible Henlus: *puts on the Father Christmas Suit* HA! This is Perfect! I'll look just like him! Fritz! You ready!?

Lizard Fritz: *wearing Reindeer Antlers* 

Horrible Henlus: PERFECT! NOW! LET"S WAIT!

(the scene switches to The Building/car business)

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: I wonder where Father is? He should be back by now!

Delendo: *Shrugs* The last time I actually saw him was when we went and checked out the Farm, but after that, haven't seen him.I do know that he left his car parked.

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: I'm sure he's fine though, but if he's not back by toni-(all of a sudden his phone rings) Excuse Me Delendo! (Answers the Phone) Hello?

Farmer Guard Leader: Hey, Cince Jr. Listen, I got your call you left 2 days ago, Me and The Captain have decided that a way to destroy the Crusincs for Good is to Have someone go Spy on them for us soon.

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: That sounds like a Good Idea, Those Idiots have conned my father out of enough as it is! I'll make those pieces of trash suffer! AND I MEAN IT! 

Farmer Guard Leader: Good, be prepared for it.Alright,son, Gotta Go.I'll tell The Captain What you said.

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Okay sounds Good Bye!

Farmer Gurad Leader: Bye! (Hangs up) 

Delendo: Who was that?

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Oh, nothing, just a Update on my Check.

Delendo: Oh, Okay.

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: So, what happened to Gurrsendo again?

Delendo: We were on the Turkey Farm, and then all of a sudden, all these Crazy Farmers appeared with Shotguns, and they started shooting at Me and Gurrsendo, I got shot a bunch, but Gurrsendo got shot and died from his Injuries I guess.I was really upset at what happened to him.I tried to save him

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Farmers You Say?

Delendo: Yes, Millions Of Them!

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: (realizes the Men who work for him are the Killers) Oh......Okay, I have to,UH, okay.

(The scene switches to Horrible Henlus getting his Sack and slay Ready)

Horrible Henlus: Alright, Fritz, As soon as the Night is here, then we'll go!

Lizard Fritz: (nods sadly) 

(The scene switches Pedro in Daneham putting ornaments on the trees)

Pedro: Well Father, How does this look?

Mr. Pony: Looks Pretty Nice To Me.Alright, now I gotta put all these presents under the tree!

Pedro: Ooh, Presents!

Mr. Pony: And they're all for.......Me and You!

Pedro: YAY!

(The scene switches to The Hospital, where Cince Roderro Derrego Sr is being rolled in)

Nurse 1: We Got a Energy source on a Deceased Person! They can be saved!

(They all roll him into a Room, and numerous doctors start doing  tests and trying to save him) 

Nurse 1: (puts a Clothe on his moving hand) 

Dr. Goat: Okay, I'm Gonna Need a Air Tube!

Nurse Cat: Here You Go! (Hands him the Tube)

Dr. Goat: Alright, Here Goes Nothing! (Puts the Tube into Cince's mouth) C'MON! C'MON! You Can Make It! You can make it!

(He has the nurses start pressing his chest trying to get him to help with the air if it gets to him, and also put a large bandage over it, and trying to stop the blood from the branch) 

(The air flows all through Cince's Unconscious Body, and all of a sudden, he comes back to life) (The Hear Monitor Beats all the way, indicating he is coming to it)

Cince Roderro Derrego Sr: *ressurects* NAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (opens his eyes wide and looks around frantically* WHERE AM I!!?!?  WHERE AM I!?!?! (Grabs his chest in pain) OW! OW! It hurts! What happened!?

Dr. Goat: My Gosh It Actually Wortked! HOORAY! It hasn't worked since 1912! But Sir,Sir,Calm down! Calm Down! You're in Good Hands!

Cince Roderro Derrego Sr: WAIT! I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE! IT'S A MIRACLE! IT'S A MIR-

Dr. Goat: Sir, calm down, we still need to do surgery on your chest!


Dr. Goat: Nurse, sedate him!

Cince Roderro Derrego Sr: NO! NOT SEDATE! NOT SEDATE! NOOOO-(the Nurse sticks a Needle in his arm) Uhh......(gets sedated and goes out) 

Dr. Goat: I have a Feeling This Guy is Gonna Be A Lot of Trouble!

Nurse Cat: So do I, Unfortunately

(The scene switches to Mr. Wolf,Mr. Bull, and Granny Dog in the Institute in Daneham)

Mr. Wolf: UH, I hate this! How are we supposed to stay here and celebrate Christmas!

Granny Dog: We will find someway to do it! Somehow!

Mr. Bull: Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes! Bes!

Mr. Wolf: *sighs* 

(The scene switches to Horrible Henlus preparing to Leave, as everyone has gone to sleep)

Horrible Henlus: Alright! Fritz! On Da-On FRITZ! GO! 

Lizard Fritz: (starts running and pulling the Sleigh)


(They bound down Mount Drumpet and jump over rocks and cliffs)

(They soon reach the Bottom Of The Mountain) 

Horrible Henlus: HAHA! We made it! NOW! To Destroy This Horrible Holiday! FOR GOOD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! FRITZ! STAY OUT HERE! (Gets out the ladder, and climbs iup to the Roof) HO! HO! HO! HERE COMES FATHER CHRISTMAS! OR SHOULD I SAY......HENLUS CHRISTMAS! HAHAHAHAHA! ( climbs down the Chimney with the Sack)

(He climbs out of the Fireplace, and looks around) 

Horrible Henlus: These People Got A LOT Of Presents! So I better start right away! (He pcks up several presnets and puts them in his bag) Here's Another! (Puts another in the sack) And Ano-

Zuzu Zebra: Father Christmas, Why are you taking our presents, why?

Horrible Henlus: (thinking) Oh My Gosh I'M Done For! Wait! I can just think up a lie! Perfect! How clever am I!? HA! (Starts talking in a European Accent) Why,Why Young Kid, I am just taking these Presents to my workshop, to fix and restore them for You, Now, Here is some juice, (gives Zaza some juice) Now, do me a flavor and go back to bed.All should be sleeping right now.

Zuzu Zebra: Alright Sir! (Goes back to Bed)

Horrible Henlus: (normal voice) Thank Goodness for that quick thinking! (Puts the rest of the presnets in the Sack) Now! I'll Just Take the Silly Tree! (Stuffs the Tree in the Sack and laughs) Now for the Lights! (Steals the Christmas Lights and the Statue of a Christmas Hat) HAHA! (Goes back up the Chimney and outside) NOW! (Looks at the Other Houses) About 45 More To Go! 

(He starts stealing everything from each house as "You're a Mean One, Mr. Henlus" plays) 

(Soon, he has stole every present from each house) 

Horrible Henlus: Hahahahahhahahah! When all the Peppatown Boys and Girls wake up in the Morning, instead of singing, They'll all go cry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! THEY'LL CANCEL THE FEAST! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! NOW! UP MOUNT DRUMPET! FRITZ! GO! (He puts the Enourmas Sack on his Sleigh and Makes Lizard Fritz go up the Mountain) HAHA! 

(The scene switches to Cince Roderro Derrego Jr thinking about What Delendo told him) 

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Oh My gosh, I have to go there and finds Gurrendo's Body! I also have to go there and ask them why they shot at Men who work for my Father! They're Workers for me! (Gets in his car and drives to The Turkey Farm) 

(He soon arrives on The Farm) 

(He looks around, and sees Gurrsendo's Unconscious Body covered in Ash and Partially Burned, also there are several bullets near the body)

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Gurrsendo, Oh my gosh.I'm Going In There and talking to them about this!

(Scene switches to Horrible Henlus still climbing Mount Drumpet while whiplashing his "Reindeer" Fritz on the Sleigh with his gigantic sack)


Lizard Fritz: *stops for a second and bresathes in trying to calm down and take a break*

Horrible Henlus: DID I SAY YOU COULD STOP!?!?!?!?!?!?! NO!!!!!!! THEN KEEP MOVING YOU IDIOT! 

Lizard Fritz: *sighs and Keeps on moving*


(Scene switches back to Cince Roderro Derrego Jr going inside the Turkey Farm)

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh,Hello Cince Jr., What are you Here for son?

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: I need to ask you a Question?

Farmer Guard Leader: What is it son?

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Why did you guys shoot at those 2 men who work for me?

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh, We did it because Captain Maculous Over There Told Us To.If I had known they were friends of yours, we wouldn't have Shot at them, We didn't mean to do that.

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Oh Well it's okay, But it cost a Life sadly

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh, well.......Son mistakes happen, just forgive and learn to forget, It is okay 

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Well alright, I was just telling you, I gotta go, bye guys!

Farmer Guard Leader: BYE!

(He leaves)

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh (A Rotten Look appears on his face) I Oughta.......AH, who. Cares!?! (Goes to Captain Maculous) Captain Maculous?

Captain Maculous: Yes Leader?

Farmer Guard Leader: We accidentally killed a Man who Worked for Cince Jr!

Captain Maculous: Oh,well that is............Very VERY Unfortunate. I must have not known.

Farmer Guard Leader: Neither Did I! 

Captain Maculous: (smiles evilly) But!.......Maybe it will make Us Know to be more careful, let it be a lesson to you and my men.

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh, it will My Lord.It will.

Unnamed Raccoon: (from inside the Empty Room) LET ME OUT! PLEASE!

Farmer Guard Leader: YOU SHUT UP!

Unnamed Raccoon: Why don't YOU DO it Instead?

Farmer Guard Leader: WHAT!?!?!?! (Goes over to the Empty Room and gives the Raccoon a Angry Look) DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT AGAIN! (Gets his gun out and points it at The Raccoon) I'll Rid Us of Ya.

Unnamed Raccoon: We Crusincs don't put up with this! Now, SHUT UP YOU IMBECILE!

Farmer Guard Leader: Okay.......YOU ASKED FOR IT! (fires the Gun and it hits The Raccoon in the Hand)

Unnamed Raccoon: OW! (Grabs his hand in pain) IT HURTS!

Farmer Guard Leader: And it should! (He grabs the Raccoon by the Collar and brings him close to him) I swear, If the Captain hadn't wanted to spare you, I'd kill you right this minute. I HATE Crusincs.And I especially HATE YOU! (Releases him and walks away) CAPTAIN! When should we send out A Group of men to find The Crusincs and get rid of them!?

Captain Maculous: Soon, very soon.I want all those Crusincs Gone! As soon as their gone, we'll be alright! So I say, we send them out NOW!

Farmer Guard Leader: Alright, BOYS! COME HERE!

(The Farmer Guards come marching in)

Farmer Gaurd Leader: Alright,Men,I'm sending a small group of you out to take out The Crusincs! I'm Gonna select (points to 5 of them) You 5! Go And take out those no good Crusincs!

Farmer Guards: YES SIR!

Farmer Guard Leader: Do not hesitate at any given moment to kill! Alright Men, MOVE OUT!

Farmer Guard 7: Alright Men LET'S GO!

(They all march out The House and toward the Crusincs Hideout)

(Unfortunately, The Unnamed Raccoon has heard about the Whole Thing, and has called The Crusincs to warn them)

Unnamed Raccoon: (on the Phone) Hey, These Farmer Guards are coming to your Hideout. I would be prepared! They've got 5 Men, I would send out 6 Men to take them out.I didn't say much.Good Luck (hangs up) 

(Scene switches to Horrible Henlus still going up the Mountain) 

Horrible Henlus: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! (They soon reach the Edge of the Cliff, and He gets Ready to throw all the Presents off the Cliff) HAHA! Before I throw them off the Cliff, I'm Gonna see if All those people are crying down there! It's getting morning anyway though, so it should be! (He looks over the Cliff and sees everyone in Town gathering around the Tree) WHAT!?!?!? THEY DON'T LOOK SAD! THEY'RE GATHERING IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN STILL! EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NO PRESENTS ANYWHERE! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!. 

(All the People in Peppatown are gathered around the Tree)


Horrible Henlus: They Should Be Crying! THEY SHOULDN'T BE SINGING! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM!?!?!?! 


Horrible Henlus: WAIT! Maybe It's not about stockings or things, but maybe just maybe......NO! NO! IT CAN'T BE! IT CAN'T BE! I'M GONNA GO GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MINDS! (He ties the Sack to a Rock, and unhooks Lizard Fritz, and then starts running down the mountain) THOSE IDIOTS! HOW DARE THEY!?!?! (Grabs a Gigantic Boulder and stands on a Cliff right In Front Of the Town) I'LL DESTROY ALL THEY'RE TREE! 


Horrible Henlus: HEY! HEY IDIOTS!

(Everyone stops singing and turns around and looks at him) 


(Everyone looks very sad)


Grandad Dog: Officer, Arrest Him!

Officer Raccoon: Yes, Sir! (Pulls out a Dart Gun, and prepares to shoot him, when all of a sudden, they hear a loud bang) WHAT WAS THAT!?!?!! 

(The 5 Farmer Guards step out of nowhere with their guns drawled)

Farmer Guard 7: Alright, Now Listen.We don't won't No Trouble! We won't Do Nothing unless one of you people do Something STUPID!

Unnamed Goat: (pulls out a Gun and steps forward) REALLY!?!?! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO US! ON CHRISTMAS! WE'RE NOT GONNA PUT UP WITH IT! YOU CAN JUST TAKE IT LIKE IT IS! (Shoots up into the sky)

Farmer Guard 7: Oh, well If You ARE Gona do something STUPID! Then, well, You can just FACE IT! *aims his Gun at the Crowd* BYE-BYE!

Voice From Above: HEY! NOT SO FAST?

Farmer Guard 7: HUH!?!??!? WHO SAID THAT!?!? (He looks up, only to be Pelted with by a rock) OW!

Horrible Henlus: HAHA! TAKE THAT!

Farmer Guard 5: Well, (gets hit in the head by a Rock again) OW! THAT'S IT! (He points his gun up at the Cliff and prepares to shoot Horrible Henlus) BYE-BYE YOU IDIOT!


Farmer Guard 5: CAN'T HIDE BEHIND ANYTHING SO EASY! (Shoots the rock and it gets destroyed) HAHAHA!

Unnamed Goat: HEY! LEAVE HIM ALO-

Farmer Guard 5: SHUT UP! (Aims the Gun and shoots the Unnamed Goat in the leg)

Unnamed Goat: OW! (Falls to the ground in pain) HELP ME!

(Everyone Gasps in horror)


Farmer Guard 2: OH!?!?! AND HOW YOU GONNA DO THAT!?!?!! 

Grandad Dog: BY.............THIS! (Shoots the Farmer Guard twice in the shoulder) 

Farmer Guard 2: OH! IT'S...AGH! oWN NO-(falls to the ground Injured) FIG-

Crusincs Member 3: HEY! IDIOT!

Farmer Guard 2: What was that!?!?!?!?? (turns around, only to get shot numerous times by The Crusinc Member) Help...m-e (dies)

Farmer Guard 7:  MEN! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

(The Crusincs start firing and The Farmer Guards start firing back while Grandad Dog goes to stop the Farmer Guards) 

Farmer Guard 6: YOU PEOPLE! (Shoots A Crusinc Member 2 times in the arm)

Crusinc Member # 7: AGH! (Grabs his arm in pain)

Grandad Dog: (shoots the Farmer Guard 3 times in the back)


Farmer Guard 5: RAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'VE HAD IT! (He runs into the Crowd and starts shooting randomly) 

Unnamed Goat: AHH! (He looks at his wound, then pulls out his Gun and fires back)

Farmer Guard 5: YOU! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU! (He runs over to The Goat, and starts Choking Him)

Unnamed Goat: NO! STOP! HELP ME! HE-lp ME! (Kicks the Farmer Guard away and befe he can shoot, He is shot numerous times in the shoulder by The Farmer Guard) NOOO............hel-p me..............n-o......

Grandad Dog: (turns around and sees this happening) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Runs over, and grabs the Farmer Guard From Behind, strangling him)

Farmers Guard 5: I'M! NOT! GONNA! BE! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! (He Angrily kicks Grandad Dog, and runs away and out of the Crowd) 

Grandad Dog: (gets down to the Unnamed Goat) C'MOn C'MON!

Unnamed Goat: Gr-and-ad D-o-g.....I'

Grandad Dog: NO! NO! WE NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION! OVER HERE! NOW! C'MON! (Starts giving him CPR) HERE! (He puts a Old cloth on the Bullet Sound, and tries to stop the bleeding)

Unnamed Goat: i-t........u-p......I-m.......goi-ng......MY........ti-m.....

Madame Gazelle: I called them! They are on thee way!

Grandad Dog: GOOD! C'MON! SON! STAY!

Unnamed Goat: dos-n-t-m-a-t-t-e-r.......I'm.........go-i-n-g.,.........

(The Crusincs are fighting really hard in stopping the Farmer Guards)

Crusincs Member #7: Even though I'm shot, I'm not gonna give up! YET! (He shoots a Farmer Guard 3 times in the leg)

Farmers Guard 8: UH...............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (He stands up and Attacks Crusincs Member #7)

Crusincs Member #7: I DON'T WANNA DO THIS! (He pulls his gun out, and shoots The Farmer Guard numerous times)

Farmer Guard 8: YOU......Will....d-(He falls to the group backwards and dies)

Crusincs Member #7: Thank Goodness! 

(The Ambulance arrives and takes The Unnamed Goat to the hospital) 

Horrible Henlus: I'VE GOT DO SOMETHING! (He sees a several rocks) HA! (He picks one up and pelts it at Farmer Guard 7)

Farmer Guard 7: AGH! (He throws the Rock to the Ground, and then passes out) Uhhhh.............

Farmer Guard 5: Eh, My Gosh! (He looks around and realizes he is the only Farmer Guard left, all the others are gone, and The Only other one is passed out) HEY! 

(Everyone in the crowd looks at him)

Farmer Guard 5: All you better listen! YOU CAN DO THIS AND EVERYTHING! BUT THE FACT IS! YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT UP AND STOP BEING IDIOTS! (aims his gun at a Crowd Member) I'M TIRED OF THIS CRA-(All of A Sudden, A Large Rock from above hits him in the Head) UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......(Falls to the ground unconscious) 

Unnamed Antelope 2: You........You saved Me!

Horrible Henlus: I know, just Doing-What I do.You know, I now realize that I was wrong to take all of your presents, And Now I know the true meaning of chris-(All of a Sudden, he hears a Loud Noise, and looks up Mount Drumoet about to fall) OH MY GOSH THE PRESENTS! (He starts climbing up the Mountain as fast as he can) I HAVE TO SAVE THEM! (He runs up there and grabs the Rope just as the Sack is going over the edge) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! FRITZ! IT'S TOO STRONG! HELP ME!

Lizard Fritz: (grabs ahold and starts pulling as well) 

Horrible Henlus: ARg......COME ON! COME ON! (All of a Sudden, his super strength kicks in, and he pulls the Sack and holds it above his head) I DID IT! I DID IT!

Lizard Fritz: (quietly cheers) 


Unnamed Narrator: And some say, that Horrible Henlus's Heart Grew 2 Times That Day!

Horrible Henlus: I'M GONNA GO GIVE ALL THESE PRESENTS BACK! C'MON FRITZ! (He jumps on the Sleigh and rides back down the Mountain) 

Lizard Fritz: *cheers*

(He reaches the bottom of The Mountain, and he slings the sack open, and releases the presents to everyone)

Grandad Dog: IT'S A MIRACLE!

Peppa: It sure is!

Brianna Bear: I am astonished

Mr. Fox: (in handcuffs) Even Prisoners enjoy this!


Farmer Guard 5: (gets up) Iditos-(Another Rock hits him in the head) Uhhh-............(goes unconscious again)

(The scene switches to Everyone having the Town Feast)

Unnamed Narrator: And Horrible Henlus, that day, cut The Frozen Meat!

Horrible Henlus: I feel better now!

(Scene switches to Farmer Guard 5 and Farmer Guard 7 truding back to the farm)

Farmer Guard 7: I........Hate........This....

(They soon reach The Farm House, and they go inside)

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh Finally You Guys Are Back! Where are the others!?

Farmer Guard 5: They're......Dead.The Crusincs and those stupid Townspeople got the better of us and they killed all of them.

Farmer Guard Leader: Oh my g-Wait did you say The Crusincs got the better of ya?

Farmer Guard 7: Yeah, they just came out of nowhere!

Farmer Guard Leader: My Gosh, Someone Alerted Them! THAT RACCOON! (He runs to The Empty Room, and finds a Door open, and the room Empty) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The scene switches to Cince Roderro Derrego Jr, pacing back and forth at his office)

Cince Roderro Derrego Jr: Oh I hope My father is oka-(All of a sudden his phone rings) (He answers it) Hello? What? He's In the Hospital? My father? He's been ressurected!?!? WHAT!?!? I'M COMING OVER THERE! (Puts the Phone up and runs out of the house)

(Episode Ends)

More to Be Added.