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Total Peppa Island is a Peppa Pig and Total Drama spin off series made in a collaboration between Teletoon and eOne Family. The show runs the same way Total Drama Island does.


Season 1 : Total Peppa Island

  1. When Worlds Collide
  2. Expect Rain
  3. Puzzling Playgroup
  4. The Rollercoaster
  5. Enter the Cave
  6. Exhibit the Egg
  7. Up in the sky
  8. Dear Friends
  9. In Big Danger
  10. Finalé

Season 2 : Total Peppa Action

  1. Old Set, New Stage
  2. If I were the host
  3. Ultimate Movie stars
  4. Horror Explosion
  5. T'har she blows!
  6. Role models
  7. Disco dance party
  8. Commercial break
  9. A penultimate choice
  10. The finale (again)

Season 3: Total Peppa World Tour




Name Voice
Peppa Pig Harley Bird
Chris McLion (Chris McLean) Christian Potenza
Name Placed Voice Team
Candy Cat #12th Zara Siddiqi Peppa
Zoé Zebra #11th Sian Taylor Peppa
Danny Dog #10th Jadon Mills Peppa
Courtney Cheetah #9th Emilie-Claire Barlow Chris
Owen Otter #8th Scott McCord Chris
Pedro Pony #7th Stanley Nickless Peppa
Geoff Giraffe #6th Dan Petronijevic Chris
Duncan Deer #5th Drew Nelson Chris
Kylie Kangaroo #4th Macey Danger Peppa
Justin Jackal #3rd Adam Reid Chris
Beth Badger #2nd Sarah Gadon Chris
Rebecca Rabbit #1st Alice May Peppa

Season 2

Name Placed Team
Courtney Cheetah #12 Chris
Beth Badger #11 Chris
Candy Cat #10th Peppa
Danny Dog #9th Peppa
Justin Jackal #8th Chris
Rebecca Rabbit #7th Peppa
Pedro Pony #6th Peppa
Geoff Giraffe
  1. 5th
Kylie Kangaroo #4th Peppa
Duncan Deer #3rd Chris
Owen Otter #2nd/1st Chris
Zoe Zebra #2nd/1st Peppa
Name Place  Team
Duncan Deer 13th
Owen Otter 12th
Candy Cat 11th
Sierra Sloth 10th
Geoff Giraffe 9th
Gerald Giraffe 8th
Rebecca Rabbit 7th
Beth Badger 6th
Kylie Kangaroo 5th
Pedro Pony #4th
Justin Jackal #3rd
Danny Dog #2nd
Alejandro  Allagator #1st


  • The original Voice Actors from TDI are voicing, which means that Half the characters are British, and half are Canadian.
  • The title cards for episode 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are read by Christian Potenza, While the title cards for episode 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are read by Harley Bird.