Suzy grieves over her mom's death. Danny shows Peppa the mini-dome. Granddad Dog makes a plan of action when Grandpa Pig takes control of food and water and of course sand.


(The scene opens up to Edmond who is walking home)

Edmond: Hmmm..hmmm...hmmmmm...hmmm...hmmmm...Hummmm...HUM!...Hummmhmm.hmm.hum..hum

(Edmond goes inside but Granddad Dog pulls a Gun on Him)

Granddad Dog: *pulls out his Gun* Your No Longer Welcome In MY Home! Even If You Are My Assistant! I can't believe what you did! First you hurt and probably scarred Penny For Life! And then You Killed The Mongoose Brothers! I CAN"T BELIEVE YOU!

Edmond: But-But It was self defense!

Granddad Dog: (Angrily) I've Heard All The Lies I can TAKE! *aims the gun at Edmond* You ARE Careless! And I'm Just Gonna Say That Your Mindset is Like That of a Old Prune!

Edmond: *gasps* My Mindset is NOT Like a Prune! It's NOT! For I know a Lot More than YOU! Like How This House is filled 90% with Very Dangerous Firearms and there are enough to cause a Catostrophtic Even! I am a Clever Clogs! *trumpets loudy*

(Grandad Dog Glares At Him)

(It then switches to Daddy Pig, who is trying gravesite for Mrs. Sheep)


Pedro:It is Alright Mr. Pig.

Daddy Pig: *stops for now* I G-Guess your right.*continues digging*

(Mummy Pig and Peppa come out of the house with water for both of Daddy Pig and Pedro)

Peppa: Here You Go Pedro *Pedro takes the water and drinks some of it*

Mummy Pig: Here You Go Daddy Pig *hands him the water*

Daddy Pig: Thank You! *gulps down the water in a Big Gulp and then lets out a Huge Belch and then aplogizes*

Mummy Pig: I just can't believe it happened! I mean-It all went down so Quick!


Mummy Pig: Oh, Daddy Pig, calm down.Don't worry it will get better.

Daddy Pig: I h-hope so!

Peppa: Mrs. Black Bear hasn't left the room yet.

Pedro: Yeah, I noticed she hasn't.

(it then Shows Mrs. Black Bear in the room, with a smile on her face, revealing she was the one who caused Mrs. Sheep's Death)

(It then switches to the downsatirs where Danny is talking to Penny)

Danny: Penny! Where have you been for the past week!?!?!? I was worried sick about you!

Penny: Well.....Um...Let's Go Get Something to Eat at The Diner!

Danny: Alright!

(They walk out of the house and Danny asks Suzy something)

Danny: Hey Suzy! You wanna go to the Diner with us?

Suzy: No Thank You! *walks away flustered*

(It then switches to Grandad Dog, who has just walked into the Diner)

Penny: Hello Grandad Dog! Um....There's Something I need to tell you?

Grandad Dog: Yes? What is It?

Penny: Edmond violated the terms of our agreement by approaching me!

Grandad Dog: Oh, I'm sorry.But I promise, I will keep him away!

Penny: Thank You!

Grandad Dog: So, Is There Anything I can do to make it up to you?

Penny: Yes, there is one thing, and it is For You to get food to reopen the Diner.

Grandad Dog: I'll talk to Grandpa Pig about it.But People should be considering the Long Term Plans.

Penny: *gulps* W-What if the Dome lasts forever?

(It then shows Danny sketching The Egg-like object he saw at the Dome's Center)

Danny: Ah, Righ there,right there and oh yeah, that part.

Peppa: *approaches Danny* What are you doing?

Danny: (nervously) Nothing! Nothing at all *crumples up the paper and puts it in his pocket*

(The scene then switches to The Dome's Center, Where The Egg like object displays "Green Stars" as it glows brightly)

(The scene then switches to The Mr. Potato Show on Tv)

Mr. Potato: Alright, De-Rector, what is a Interesting Subject that I could conquer today, Right on Television?

Director: Well,Uh,You COULD try conquering the Subject of Uh,Height?

Mr. Potato: Ah, Exxe-llent! *picks up a Pencil and then Picks up a Apple* Director! Zoom In So The People can see the diff-erence!

Director: *groans* Alright! *zooms in on the Apple and Pencil*

Mr. Potato: You see People? Thee Apple has a Bigger Height Than Thee Penceeil! Thee Penceeil is Smaller! Now Zoom Out!

Director: *groans and zooms the Camera Out*

Mr. Potato: You see? I have Just Con-Quered The Subject Of He-Ight!

Director: *sighs*

(It then switches to Grandad Dog, who has arrived at Grandpa Pig's House)

Grandad Dog: Hello Grandpa Pig! 

Grandpa Pig: Hello.What Do You Want Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: I suggest, Grandpa Pig, that we form an agreement for the Good of The Town.

Grandpa Pig: *snickers* My Well,Grandad Dog,is More Valueable than anything you can offer! Even the Propane!

Grandad Dog: What?

Grandpa Pig: Yes! You see, I plan to turn the Town Against You by holding out on my Water! And then I can Step In and Take Your Place! *laughs*

Grandad Dog: *snarls angrily*

(The scene then switches to Pedro and Mrs. Zebra, who have arrive at The Police Station)

(They then suddenly hear a Noise in the Back)

Mrs. Zebra: Who Goes THERE!?!?! *aims her gun toward the back*

Pedro: Y-Yes!

(They both walk toward the back room nervously and find Edmond taking a Rifle)

Mrs. Zebra: Edmond, What Are You Doing?

Edmond: I need this for Patrol!

Mrs. Zebra: No, Your Not Taking That Thing Out Of Here After What Happened Yesterday! You shot Matthew Mongoose after he surrendered!

Edmond: But-

Mrs. Zebra: I am Officaly Putting You On Probation! After what happened yesterday, Who Knows What You Might Try To Do! You are NOT to carry a Firearm until I say you have earned it!

Edmond: *looks sad* Oh.

(Grandad Dog arrives)

Grandad Dog: May I speak to Pedro and Mrs. Zebra?

Officer Mule: *who is reading Misery* yes, They're right back there *points to the back room*

Grandad Dog: Thank You! *Grandad Dog walks to the back room and finds them but ignores Edmond*

Mrs. Zebra: Is Something Wrong?

Grandad Dog: yes, They're is something wrong, There's This Impending Conflict with Grandpa Pig! He's refusing to share anything! Food,Water,Sand! And what I plan to do about it is enforce eminent domain to claim Grandpa Pig's Property!

Pedro: (nervously) But Grandad Dog..You do know Grandpa Pig won't accept the Idea, right?

Grandad Dog: Gosh! I haven't thought of that! Alright Then! I'm bringing The Police! Mrs. Zebra, Go Round Up Your Deputies! This Is ONE Showdown I'm Gonna Win!

(It then switches to Grandpa Pig, who has hired a Bunch of Men to help him defeat Grandad Dog)

Farmer Jackal: So, Mate,What we supposed to do? Kill Grandad Dog?

Grandpa Pig: *smiles* Precisely

(Farmer Jackal,Uncle Pig,Farmer Horse, Unnamed Antelope, and a Farmer Goat all lookconfused)

(Gradnpa Pig jumps down from his stand)

(Music starts playing)

Grandpa Pig: You know my powers are connected! As Thick as a Seadog's Backside! But as thick as you are (looks at Farmer Horse) PAY ATENTION! (Farmer Horse jumps) My words are a Matter of Pride...It's Clear from your confused expressions..The Lights are not on upstairs..But We're Talking Evil Men and Doplegangers (2 Cat Farmers start laughing) EVEN YOU CANNOT BE CALLED UNPREPARED!! (They Jump away) So prepare for the chance of a Lifetime! (The Ctas fall down) be Prepared For Sensational Views! A Shining New Era is Tiptoeing Nearer! Unamed Antelope: And Where Do We Feature? Grandpa Pig: Just Listen To Teacher! (smacks the Antelope) I know My words are not falling but you wil sonn see that I am Delisoucshy Squared! And In Justice of a Devil Square Be PREPAREDDDDDDD! Famer Jackal: yeah Mate,we'll be prepared,for what? 

Grandpa Pig: For The Death Of Grandad Dog!

Farmer Jackal: Why? Is He Sick?

Grandpa Pig: No FOOL! We'e Gonna Kill Him, and Those Little Pipsqeaks Too! (lets go of Farmer Jackal)

Unnamed Antelope: Great Idea! Who Needs Grandad Dog? 

3 Farmers: NO Grandad Dog! No Grandad Dog! No Grandad Dog! neah,Neah,Neah,Neah!

Grandpa Pig: IDIOTS They'll Be Someone Who'll Rise Above EVERYONE!

Farmer Jackal: And Who's That Gonna Be?


3 Farmers: All Right! There a Ruler! There a Ruler!


Farmers: He will soon be protected, for the Ruler will be all time adrored!

Grandpa Pig: Of Course wit Proverbs, You're Expected! To Take Certain Duties n Board! The Future's Littered With Prizes, And although I may have a Seat, The Point that I must emphazizes YOU WANT GET A SNIFF WITHOUT MEEEEEEEE! *knocks a Farmer into a Hole*

Grandpa Pig: So prepare for the king of the century, Prepare For the For The ostrich Run! Maticulous Planning,To Massive Demanding,The KINGS OF DENAIL Is Simply While I'll...Be Ruler undisputed,respected,saluted,and seen for the WONDER I am! Yes My Teeth and Vicious equitment is barred! BE PREPAREDDDDDDD!

3 Farmers; We Got Equitment and that's all we care!


(The scene then switches to Danny's House, where Penny is moving back n)

(However as they go in, Suzy runs up behind them)

Suzy: I Blame YOU For The Death of My Mother!

Danny: *gasps* Why Would You Think Such A Horrible Thing?

Suzy: It is Your Fault! Because if You Hadn't Had Told Us To Go To The Center of The Dome, and if we hadn't had touched the Mini-Dome, Then Nothing Would have Happened! And As Soon as I'm Ready! I'm Moving Out of the House and into some other place! And also I've had a New Hearfelt thing Mrs. Black Bear taught me!

Danny: *gasps* And What is That?

Suzy: Because she says, That When We're Together, Bad Things Happen!

Danny: *gasps again*

(The scene then switches to Grandpa Pig's Farm, where Grandad Dog,Pedro,Mrs. Zebra,Edmond,and Simon Squirrel have arrived,along with Officer Mule and Officer Raccoon,and a Unnamed Jackrabbit)

Grandad Dog: Alright, Simon,You go secure the Well!

Simon: I knew we big kids we're made for dangerous jobs like these! *Simon walks over to the Well and prepares to secure the Well when suddenly Grandpa Pig,and Several Armed Men of his reveal themselves)

Grandpa Pig: Hello Grandad Dog! I see you've bought your little "posse" But don't worry This Well's MINE!

Grandad Dog: I beg to Differ!

Grandpa Pig: Son! Step Away From The Well!

Simon: NO! I've come this far! I'm Not Gonna Give This Up! And I'm Doing this For AMERICAN DAD! (Simon prepares to open the Well)

Grandpa Pig: Uncle Pig.....SHOOT E'M! IN THE KNEECAP!

Uncle Pig: As You wish! Sir Sir! *pulls out his Gun and shoots Simon Squirrel in the kneecap* You Were A Bad Influence On Chole And All Of Us!

Simon: Ah! I was only trying to protect American Dad! *falls to the ground wounded*

Grandpa Pig: Alright! Now that that's Done With! Now I suggest You All Leave!

(Everyone gets ready to leave with the wounded Simon but Edmond has a Change of Heart and Joins Grandpa Pig's Side)

Grandpa Pig: Ya changing sides?!

Edmond: Yes!

Grandad Dog: EDMOND?!?!?!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!!?!?

Edmond: Showing You Who I Really Am!

Grandpa Pig: Now Edmond, Go Disarm Him!

Edmond: As You wish! *He walks over to Grandad Dog and knocks him n the arm and grabs his Gun quickl*

Grandad Dog: WHAT!?!?!?!?!

(The scene then switches to Danny, who is standing over Mrs. Sheep's Grave)

Danny: I'm sorry If I did ANYTHING Wrong, Please Forgive Me.

(Peppa walks up)

Peppa: Is There Something Wrong?

Danny: Yes, Suzy blames me for Mrs. Sheep's Death! And I didn't even do anything! nd It's all becuase I touched the Stupid Little Dome that contained the Egg!

Peppa: Egg?

Danny: Yeah, There was a Egg inside it.

Peppa: Do you think you could take me to it?

Danny: Uh....*shrugs and thinks about it*

(The scene then switches to Town hall)

(Grandad Dog,Mrs. Zebra,and Pedro have arrived)

Grandad Dog: You know something guys? I have intintion to return to Grandpa Pig's Place!

Pedro: (nervously) Uh...I don't think that's a Good Idea.I mean there's only us three and them 2 Deputies over there but other than that Grandpa Pig's Got Us Outnumbered! I mean look at all of his men compared to us! There's no way us minus Simon,could versus allof Grandpa Pig's Men without all of us getting injured or us killed!

Grandad Dog: Then I'll Round Up More Support!

Mrs. Zebra: But I want to find a Diplomatic Solution to all of this.

Grandad Dog: But how will that solve anthing? *Grandad Dog leaves*

Pedro: You now Mrs. Zebra, I might have a Other Plan!

Mrs. Zebra: What Is It?

(Pedro picks up the map Grandad Dog showed them previously)

Pedro: What I suggest we do *points to the map* is that we simply build a new well.

Mrs. Zebra: But You Do Know That Grandpa Pig's Well siphons the gas from all avaliable sources, right?

Pedro: Then how about we destroy the Well? So others can be built.

Mrs. Zebra: Sounds Like a Good Plan.

(The Scene then switches to The Diner where Grandad Dog has recurited a Mob of People)

Grandad Dog: You Guys Ready?!?!

Mob People: YES WE ARE!

Grandad Dog: GOOD!

(Pedro and Mrs. Zebra arrive at the Diner)

Mrs. Zebra: We Have Proposed A New Plan!

Pedro: Yes!

Grandad Dog: What?!?!? What Is It!?!?!?!?

Mrs. Zebra: To Destroy The Well!

Pedro: And Build Others!

Grandad Dog: *scoffs* I Don't Think That's a Good Plan! And What If The Water gets contaminated?! Then This Whole Town Will Be Doomed!

Mrs. Zebra: I don't think that will happen.

Pedro: Me neither.

Grandad Dog: *scoffs*

Pedro: *whispering* I have a Idea...I'll Go Through with my Plan and you stall Grandad Dog!

Mrs. Zebra: *Whispering* That does sound like a Good Plan!

Pedro: Alright! *quietly leaves the Diner*

Grandad Dog: Alright Fellas! LET'S MOVE O-

Mrs. Zebra: Wait Grandad Dog! Do You Wanna Hear This Song?

Grandad Dog: What?!?!? THIS IS NO TIME FOR SONGS AND-

Mrs. Zebra: *turns on the Radio and the Song Stayin Alive is on*

Grandad Dog: *growls but then he kept help himself and then starts dancing* STAYYYYYYYYYYIN ALIVVVVVVVVVE!

The Mob: *gasps but then they start dancing*

Mrs. Zebra: This Should Stall Him For a While!

(The Scene then switches back to Grandpa Pig's Place)

Grandpa Pig: So, Edmond, Why the sudden change of heart?

Edmond: It's Because He Kicked Me Out!

Grandpa Pig: Well,Well,I wouldn't blame ya! Ever Since His Wife died in that car acciden-

Edmond: His Wife was Killed By a Motorized Vehicle?

Grandpa Pig: Yes, And It Wasn't No Acident Either! It Was A Suicide!

Edmond: *gasps* I o-only met his Wife Once! She Was Good Friend's With MY Mother! Who I Don't Know Where She Is! But Are You Sure?

Grandpa Pig: Yes, I am Sure, And It Is NO Lie Either! I have no reason to Lie!

Edmond: I know.

Grandpa Pig: *takes out a Rifle and presents it to Edmond* I WILL Use This To Get Rid Of Grandad Dog! He has Ruined My Career,My Boat,My Spirit,My Reputation,And WORST of ALL! MY LIFE! *cocks the Rifle and makes sure it is Working* He Used To Be My Friend, But After He RUINED My Crops! It was No Excuse! And That's Why I Plan To Get Rid Of Him Once And For All With THIS! Good thing is, This Thing's Loaded! With Exactly 20 Bullets! And I'm Gonna Use Each Of Them To Take Out His Little "Posse" And Then I'm Gonna Save The Last Five Bullets For HIM! *laughs*

Edmond: *nods his head in Agreement* But do one thing for me,Don't Kill Grandad Dog,I want it to be ME who does that one! I will use the Ultra Ex Highly Powered Firearm to Destroy Him!

Grandpa Pig: Alright, Sport!

(It then switches to Danny, who has brought Peppa To The Center Of The Dome)

Peppa: Look It's Glowing! Inside The Mini-Dome thing!

Danny: *gasps*

Peppa: I'm Going To See What Happens When I Touch It! *Peppa touches the Mini-Dome and then all of a Sudden another Danny appears*

Alternate Danny: The Monarch will be Crowned! The Monarch Will Be Crowned! The Monarch Will Be Crowned! The Monarch Will Be Crowned! *dissappears*

(Danny is confused as all get out at this)

Peppa: Uh.......That w-was Weird! I'm Leaving!

Danny: Did You Just See "Another" Danny?

Peppa: Yep and it was as Weird As All Get Out!

Danny: And It SPOKE? Weird, When Me and Suzy saw Mrs. Sheep, She Didn't say Anthing! I Hope Nothing's Going To Happen To Me Like it Did To Mrs. Sheep!

(It then switches to Pedro, who has arrived at Grandpa Pig's Farm)

Pedro: *Quietly* Here Goes Nothing! *starts preparing the Explosives*

(It then switches to Penny's Room, where she finds Suzy looking at the Snowglobes)

Penny: So uh, Were You Near The Dome When It Came Down?

Suzy: No, I was going to A Amusement Park in New Porkville

Penny: Oh, I See.I've been there before.What's The Name Of It Again?

Suzy: Hiddlands Park.

Penny: Oh Thanks.Couldn't remember the Name.

Suzy: I just wish we hadn't had went there and stayed home that day.Maybe nothing had happened.But I doubt it though.So Where'd You Get All The Snowglobes From?

Penny: Whenever One Of My Friends would Go Somewhere,They'd Always Bring me Back One of Them.And  I promised myself that I would eventaully visit all of them.I always used to feel trapped in this Town and now I feel more trapped than ever.

Suzy: I know how you feel.Do you want the Snowglobes anymore?

Penny: Not really.I'd like to get rid of them to be honest.

Suzy: Do you wanna go get rid of them?

Penny: Yes, They're Taking Up Too Much Space.

(Suzy and Penny take the Snowglobes outside and throw them against the dome one by one)

Penny: Goodbye Paris! *throws the snowglobe against the dome and it shatters*

Suzy: Goodbye New,York! *throws it at the Dome and it shatters*

Penny: Goodbye chicago! *throws the snowglobe at the dome and it shatters*


Penny: It's Okay, It's Okay (makes sure that Suzy is Okay)

(The scene then switches to Night, where Grandad Dog and His Group have arrived at Grandpa Pig's House)

Grandad Dog: Alright Fellas! Let's Get Ready To Show These Ruthless People What We Got And-(realizes Pedro's Not There) Where's Pedro?

(Everyone in the Group shrugs)

Grandad Dog: (Angrily) He MUST Be Trying To Destroy the Well and-

(Gunshots Fire)


(Everyone starts randomly firing)

Farmer Dog: UH-OH!!!! *gets shot by one of Grandpa Pig's Men*

Pedro: AHHHH! (Ducks behind the well)

Farmer Horse: *spots Pedro at the Well* What Are YOU Doing?!?!??!?!?!

Pedro: AHHHHH!

Farmer Horse: You GONNA Be SORRY! *prepares to fight Pedro and raises his fist*

Pedro: (bravely) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Pedro runs at the Horse in slow motion and knocks him to the Ground*

Farmer Horse: Ooooooooof! (falls on the ground but stands up again and picks up a Pipe and prepares to beat him but Pedro stands up and grabs the Pipe and whacks the Horse in the face with it, which knocks him out)

Unnamed Goat: *charges at One Of Grandpa Pig's Men who is weiding a Big Rake and the two start fighting and The Goat manages to defeat the Farmer by Overpowering him and whacking him several times with the Rake* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS *however his victory is short lived as a Angry Farmer standing behind him kills him with a Pipe behind the neck and suffocates him*

Angry Farmer: NOW TAKE THISSSSSSS!!!!!! *He charges at 2 of Grandad Dog's Men but they pull out their guns and shoot him however they are in turn shot by An Unnamed Farmer Cat*

Mr. Fox: TAKE THIS YOU NASTY CRAZED PEOPLE!!!!! *Mr. Fox takes his Powerloaded Dart Gun and starts firing but he is shot from behind in the shoulder by The Farmer Jackal* AH!

(It then switches to Pedro who is struggling to detonate the Explosives)

Pedro: ALMOST! ALMOST! *Pulls the Cord* THERE!


(Both Of The Groups start to flee when they hear and see this)

Grandad Dog: *sees most of his group run away* HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!?! COME BACK HERE! YOU COWARDS COME BACK HERE! COME BACK HERE YOU-*He gets knocked out by Edmond and falls down uncioncius*

(The scene then shows Grandad Dog brought inside and tied up in a Chair)

Uncle Pig and Farmer Jackal: Stay Here! He's Comin For Ya! *They both desert him*

(Grandpa Pig walks in)

Grandpa Pig: Well,Ya didn't think you could escape could ya? Shame this had to happend.But it's gotta be what it's gotta be!

Edmond: What happened Next?!

Grandad Dog: What?!?!

Edmond: I SAID What Happened NEXT?!?!?!

Grandpa Pig: He's All Yours Edmond *walks away*

Grandad Dog: I Don't Understand!?! What Do You WANT!?!?!?


Grandad Dog: She got into a Argument about something...and then she drove away into a Tree and killed herself! That's Exactly What Happened to My Wife as Well! And then Me and Mr. Rabbit covered the Suicide Up.

Edmond: WHY DID YOU LIE?!?!?!?!?!?!? ABOUT MY MOTHER AND YOUR WIFE?!!?!?!?!

Grandad Dog: *starts crying* B-Because I...I wanted to from...the*continues crying* a-And....I'

Edmond: I Forgive You.

Grandpa Pig: That Is of you to say that Grandad Dog...And's Time to say.......Goodbye......YOUR MAJESTYYYYY! *pulls out the Gun and Aims it at Grandad Dog but Edmond sees this and pulls out his gun fast*

Edmond: NOOOOOOOOO! *Loads his Gun with Darts from Mr. Fox's Dart Gun and Fires and it hits Grandpa Pig In the Arm*

Grandpa Pig: Oof! *he drops the gun and falls on the floor uncionsus from the dart*

(The scene then switches to Peppa, who is taking Danny home)

Danny: *opens the door and is hugged by Suzy*

Suzy: I'm Sorry I accused you of what happened! Mrs. Black Bear was wrong from the begining about you.Forgive Me.And now I'm ready to bury Mrs. Sheep

Danny: Alright.

(It then switches to Grandad Dog in his office, drinking a Lemon Drink)

Grandad Dog: They Don't Make These Like They Used Too!

(Pedro then enters Grandad Dog's Office)

Pedro: I can't believe you Grandad Dog! You got 5 People Killed Today! If we had gone with my plan they would still be alive!

Grandad Dog: That's Absurd!

Pedro Oh Is it? And You wanted to secure the Well so that you could strenghen your grip over the Town!

Grandad Dog: That's Not True! And Oh One More Thing! Don't Make An Enemy Of Me!

Pedro: *scoffs and leaves*

(It then switches to The Police Station where Edmond is resting in a Cell)

Mrs. Zebra: Edmond, What Are You Doing?

Edmond: My Alleignence With Grandpa Pig was all part of a Plan To Take Him Down From The Inside.

Mrs. Zebra: Why Aren't You Going Home?

Edmond: I don't have much of a Home anymore.

(The scene then switches back to Pedro who has gone to Peppa's House)

Peppa: Pedro?

Pedro: Yes Peppa?

Peppa: What Does The Statement "The Monarch Will Be Cowned" mean?

Pedro: Huh? I really don't know what your talking about.That is The Weirdest Thing I have ever heard.

Peppa: Oh I see.

(The scene then switches To Danny and Suzy, who are looking over Mrs. Sheep's Grave while Penny watches, and Mrs. Black Bear is Watching From The Upstairs Window with a Mean Look.)

(Episode ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Mrs. Zebra

Penny Dog

Edmond Elephant

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Grandad Dog

Suzy Sheep

Grandpa Pig

Simon Squirrel

Uncle Pig

Unnamed Jackrabbit

Officer Raccoon

Officer Mule

Mr. Potato


Farmer Jackal

Farmer Horse

Farmer Goat

Farmer Dog

Unnamed Cat Farmer #1

Unnamed Cat Farmer #2

Farmer Cheetah

Unnamed Goat

Unnamed Cat

Angry Farmer

Farmer Elephant

Unnamed Dog

Unnamed Brown Cat

Unnamed Antelope

Unnamed Farmers

Unnamed Townspeople

Mrs. Black Bear

Daddy Pig

Mummy Pig

George Pig (cameo)

Cousin Chloé (mentioned)


  • References:
  1. Grandpa Pig's Song is a Parody of a Scar's Be Prepared From The Lion King and Grandpa Pig later says "YOUR MAJESTYYYY!" which is what Scar says right before he fights Simba.
  2. To Stall Grandad Dog and The Mob, Mrs. Zebra plays the song Stayin Alive.
  3. When Grandpa Pig becomes Fed up With Simon Squirrel at The Stand-Off He Orders Uncle Pig to "Shoot E'm!" which is what Troy says on Swamp People.
  4. After Simon Squirrel is shot and wounded he yells that he sacrificed himself for American Dad.
  5. Officer Mule is reading the Book Misery.
  • Mr. Potato and The Director Reappear in this Episode.
  • Daddy Pig,Mummy Pig, and George once again all have small roles.
  • It is Revealed In This Episode that Mrs. Black Bear was the one who killed Mrs. Sheep.
  • Grandpa Pig is The Hidden Main Antagonist Of This Episode.
  • This is The First Time Uncle Pig appears.
  • Characters that pass in this Episode:
  1. Unnamed Goat
  2. Angry Farmer
  3. Unnamed Cat
  4. Unnamed Dog
  5. Farmer Cat
  • The Fate of Both Grandpa Pig and Simon Squirrel remains unknown.As Grandpa Pig was shot with a Dart by Edmond and Simon Squirrel was shot in the Leg and carried off.
  • Uncle Pig mentions Chloe in this Episode.