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Danny: What's this room?
Peppa: You don't wanna get spanked.
— A conversation

The Spanking Room is an extension to the Pigs' house. People rarely visit it because by the time they get in it a machine spanks them.


This room has a wood floor, white walls and a chair.

But in UpsideDownCactus' upcoming game, it will have red walls, and a music box next to the chair.


This is where somebody hung Pedro Pony. He disabled the spanking machine and then enabled it with a long stick. Pedro got spanked to death.

This is also where Peppa Pig gets punishments way worse than a spanking. However, she cannot die because she is not Pedro Pony.

This is where the murders took place. Peppa took some people in “Democracy“ and killed them by cutting them, killing them with a rock and others when she went crazy for money. Needless to say, she sucks at Rock Paper Scissors. The corpses cannot be seen since Democracy.

Peppa gets candy cat killed by putting her in the room after candy called peppa stupid in "Revenge" why the episode has never been found is because it was banned after candy's body exploded violently.

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