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The Dark Side of Peppa Pig is a story of an unidentified pig who is having sex with many objects. She had also sex with a pickle. The pig is female. Unlike all other pigs, she has her tail hidden by magic. She was married with an unidentified male pig. It was adapted later into an episode. Now the unidentified pig is Chica Pig. She also has a tail. Now, instead of pincers, she has now real hands. Chica Pig is now cowardly and now she no longer does violence.

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  • (horror music plays while it shows you a black pig holding a knife)
  • Unidentified Pig: I am the unidentified pig. I can only see myself because kids don't want me so I'm black. Even adults can see me black.
  • (cuts to George and Peppa Pig crying)
  • George: Waahaa!
  • Peppa Pig: Nooooo...
  • (Doopliss and Roastrose are seen on a cracked Pivi Shamir resort)
  • Doopliss: A dark side of Peppa Pig? So, that's what the story begins.
  • Roastrose: That's a great idea.
  • (at the news)
  • News Reporter: Breaking news: A secret Peppa Pig has been unidentified! She is doing many violences with objects, from a basketball hoop, to a giant tomato!
  • Recorder: Did I just see...a dark side?
  • Cameraman: Me too...
  • (cuts to the town with 2 police cars)
  • Police Pig 1: I'll catch this stupid unidentified dark side pig.
  • (cuts to Danny Dog with an agent dog)
  • Danny Dog: Excuse me, but where is an unidentified pig?
  • Agent Dog: It's in the market, hiding underneath the fruits box.
  • Danny Dog: I will catch her!
  • (at the market)
  • Danny Dog: I am now here underneath the fruit box. I'll catch her!
  • (the pig is caught by Danny Dog's superpower, the net)
  • Danny Dog: Snatch you. You can't escape!
  • Unidentified Pig: I live in a garbage truck full of trash. Take me there.
  • Danny Dog: Okay.
  • (Danny Dog runs as fast as the rabbit and throws her to the garbage truck)
  • Danny Dog: Now the mystery is solved!
  • (the unidentified pig's black color washes out, turning her into Chica Pig)
  • Chica Pig: I am now Chica Pig. I was unidentified, but now, no more dark side! Woohoo!
  • (Chica Pig in a garbage truck waves as the garbage truck drives away)
  • (Peppa is seen, laughing)
  • Peppa: Now Chica Pig is revealed! Now I can spend my life to see everyone being excited!
  • (her parents and George come)
  • George: Dine-saw. I wonder if I saw Chica again?
  • Daddy Pig: We'll meet her again.
  • Mommy Pig: That's a great idea!
  • (the episode ends with laughing, followed by ending credits)