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The Adventures of Peppa Pig is a spin-off series of Peppa Pig. The only real difference being that the episodes are 10-20 minutes long, rather than the usual 5. it airs on Cartoon Network in the UK, Ireland, the US and Canada.


Name Episodes First Episode Last Episode
Season 1 10 2nd August, 2013 9th September, 2013
Season 2 1(Currently) 3rd January, 2014



Season One

Name Air Date Duration
Welcome to PeppaTown 2nd August, 2013 11 Minutes
Peppa's Shop 4th August, 2013 12 Minutes
Daddy Pig's Game Collection 15th August, 2013 15 Minutes
The Old Town 17th August, 2013 10 Minutes
The Toy Store 25th August, 2013 10 Minutes
The Dance Club 29th August, 2013 17 Minutes
George's New Clothes 2nd September, 2013 10 Minutes
The new dinosaur park 5th September, 2013 10 Minutes
Treehouse Town 7th September, 2013 12 Minutes
The Plaza 9th September, 2013 20 Minutes

Total Play Time : 126 Minutes