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Peppa Pig holding Teddy.

Teddy is Peppa Pig's favorite toy teddy bear. Peppa carries it around sometimes. Peppa sleeps with Teddy every night and takes it to sleepovers. Sometimes Teddy and Mr Dinosaur have tea parties. In My Birthday Party, Peppa says it is a girl. Teddy's gender is unknown, this is caused by Teddy being called a he, and sometimes a she. Although it will be confirmed (possibly). Teddy will probably be referred to They for now. Since we do not know gender of the doll. (According to a comment, Teddy will be referred to Non-binary.)


  • Teddy is actually alive, but only when Peppa is sleeping. Peppa is unaware of this.
  • In Peppa's Adventures: Next Generation, Teddy has become a cyborg with the intention of destroying Peppatown due to neglect from Peppa.
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teddy is a secret murder