Skids is Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig & George Pig's gleaming red car. He is also a convertible and is based on a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle (Punch Buggy). He is is best friends with Timmy Towtruck.

It reveals Skids challenging Sally to a crazy race to Lightning McQueen's dirt track, but he says he can handle bumpy roads easily. Skids is very cheeky and clumsy sometimes, which leads him into trouble. He is taxi-like and can take the pig family anywhere (even far places). Skids also has a twin called Bert. When Skids breaks down, Mummy & Daddy borrow Bert instead. He communicates by beeping his horn, but he talked in "Skids' Twin", where Daddy Pig got a fright.


He died in the banned episode "Giant gas fire at the Playgroup" when he exploded, his funeral was thrown in "Skids' Funeral".


  • In 2005EvimothCity and CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom, he doesn't talk, does not have a twin and didn't die. He is also nameless in the two fandoms.
  • In Mateusz11113's fandom, he doesn't talk, does not have a twin and didn't die too.
  • In PeppaFan200's fanon, he talks, but does not have a twin and did not die, and his eyes and mouth is drawn on a TAWoG style.