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Peppa Pig : Season 6 is the 6th episode of Peppa Pig.

Season 6 future episodes :

  1. Jase And Selmo's Birthday - Jase And Selmo both turn 2, and it is celebrated.
  2. Mr.Bull's Brother - Mr.Bull 's brother comes to visit.
  3. Baby Bull - in This Episode Mrs.Cow took a Pregnancy Test that came out positive (+) and then mr.Bull and Mrs.Cow tells everyone that Mr.Cow is pregnant with their first child
  4. Older Peppa Pig - 8 Years Later Peppa and Her Friends Are Older


  • Season 6 will begin this month
  • Season 6 is the last season with 5 Minute long episodes. From Season 7 and on, the episodes vary in length.
  • This is the first season to have each episode happen after the other, (example : Episode 1 : A person changes clothes. Episode 2 : That person still has those clothes.)