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This episode marks the 2nd appearance of Sammy Sheep, who first appeared in the previous episode, The Baby Sheep


The very next morning at Peppa's house...........a very tired Suzy Sheep tells Peppa the story about Sammy's 1st night home. Mrs. Sheep and Miss Rabbit basically had to do everything for Sammy........ including feeding him, playing with him........and tucking him in at bedtime.

Suzy also didn't like other changes like Miss Rabbit having to take care of the new baby sheep when it's time for teeth Mrs. Sheep to help Suzy with her teeth brushing.........or like Mrs Sheep having to take care of the baby sheep...........leaving Miss Rabbit to help Suzy put on her pajamas.

Suzy also tells Peppa about how she didn't get to have her very special mother daughter time with Mrs. Sheep since she had to take real good care of Sammy...........and she fears that she'll never have that time again with the new baby sheep and her new job at the crayon factory.

Mrs. Sheep finds Suzy and tells her she's ready for their very special time together forever.......and also tells her that just because there's a new baby in the family...........she'll always make sure that she finds the time to spend some special mother daughter time with her daughter.

In the end...........Suzy finally accepts the fact that Sammy is staying forever in the sheep family house hold.


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