Rickhulk Rabbit
Rickhulk Rabbit (pronounced Reekhoolk Rabbit) is the alter ego of Richard Rabbit when he gets really mad or depressed.


He looks like Richard Rabbit, only Three times as big. He also has Green skin and huge muscles.


He was created one day when Richard was playing with George Pig and Edmond Elephant in Edmond's Lab Richard acidentley drank some unfinished SR Juice, which is supposed to relieve people's stress, but since it was unfinished, it created the Rickhulk. A few days later day at the Playgroup, when Bentley and Barney were bullying George and Richard, Richard became so mad at them that he turned into the rickhulk and threw Bentley and Barney out of the window. He was then going to go to the playgroup in Timbuctoo for insane children, but Edmond stood up as his defendant, and neither of them got sent after all.


Richard Smash

Richard jumps up and slams his hands into the ground, making a HUGE impact.