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Good old turkey, Peppa Pig. >;-[]


Peppa: Just play it now, play it now...

Suzy: Play it now?

Peppa: Yes, Suzy. (screams loudly) PLAY IT NOW!!

Suzy: Whoo! That's very scary, got it, Peppa?

Peppa: Yes, Suzy.

Suzy: Hoo, boy...


Suzy: Wow-how-how-how-how! THAT'S REALLY SCARYYYYY!!!

Peppa: Yes. Play it now, baby!

Suzy: Thank goodness...

Peppa: Oh, sweet holy mother of...

Suzy: What did you say, Peppa?!

Peppa: Sweet holy mother of all the GEMS!! THAT'S WHY, SUZY!!

Suzy: ... What?

Peppa: I said play it now.

Suzy: ...? Mother of gems?

Peppa: Oops. Sorry about that, Suzy.

Suzy: (singing) Play it now, play it now...

Peppa and Suzy: (singing) Play it now! (x7)

Peppa: (giggles) That was fun. Wasn't it, Suzy?

Suzy: Yes, Peppa! It is!

Peppa: ...

Suzy: ...

Peppa and Suzy: Good-bye! (both giggle and fall over)


Moral of the Story

Never say "play it now" again...


  • Peppa and Suzy are the only characters in the episode.


Peppa, Suzy - voiced by = Harley Bird =

Hide it, please...

Play it now by William Jackson.

It's the part of "Cracklin' Rosie" sung by Neil Diamond.