The rules of this wiki must be obeyed or punishments will be issued.

Minor Violations

Minor violations include:

  • Disrespect
  • Removing necessary content on pages
  • Asking for admin rights for no reason
  • Adding violent/profanity pictures
  • Vandalising pages
  • Reverting a necessary edit for no reason
  • Adding the wrong categories to a page
  • Funposting other contributors' files
  • Causing or carrying over drama


We are lenient on minor offences, so we will give multiple warnings before blocks.

Warnings can reset if the violator can redeem himself/herself.

Moderate Violations

Moderate violations include:

  • Harsh disrespect (e.g. using vulgar language to offend another user)
  • Discrimination against users
  • Admin disrespect
  • Deleting entire content on pages
  • Continuing an action after being told not to by an admin (e.g. edit wars)
  • Vandalising user pages
  • Editing claimed articles without permission from the owner
  • Intentional racism/homophobia


These violations are slightly serious, so we will give one warning before a block.

Major Violations

Major violations include:

  • Bullying
  • Sockpuppeting
  • Using a spam/trolling account
  • Joining the wiki only to vandalize articles
  • Abusing your bureaucratic rights


Extended ban which can become permanent if it happens multiple times. If you abuse your bureaucratic rights, you will be demoted.

You cannot redeem yourself if you make a major violation unless you show a drastic change of behaviour after at least a few months.