Forums are a feature on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki used for discussions.

Chatting is a feature on Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki through the live chatroom, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Start a chat" button on the sidebar.



Do not post in threads where it is evident that the discussion is over. Do not post in threads that are clearly old and have been forgotten about, unless it is important.


Do not post irrelevant, off-topic garbage in threads. Do not randomly put images in threads that discuss important matters. This rule doesn't apply to Forum Games.


Starting any drama or carrying drama over from another wiki will not be tolerated. Can also be applied to comments, chat, and blog posts. Can be tied to death hoaxes.


Basic Rules

When chatting with other users on the wiki, you must be respectful and polite. You are not allowed to insult somebody directly. Disobeying these rules will result in a temporary ban.


English is the language for this wiki. Do not speak any other language unless you are teaching someone or just playing around.

Swearing is allowed on chat and does not need to be censored.

Offensive Messages

You may write about characters or other people being racist or homophobic, but you may not use racism or homophobia to insult others, unless it is obvious you are joking. Messages that are even slightly offensive will get you kicked from the chatroom.