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You can use this page to create an application for staff. Applications can be viewed here. Applications will be reviewed and assessed by staff members.

Requirements for applying:

  • 500 edits (special cases can be made)
  • Must have been a member for at least a month (non-negotiable)
  • No blocks in the past month (non-negotiable)

If you are a user, you are applying for mod. If you are already a mod, you are applying for admin. We are not promoting admins to bureaucrats at the moment.

Do not submit an application if you have just joined the wiki - they will just be deleted.

Accepted: You have been promoted to a member of staff.
Declined: Your application has been rejected. You may apply again in a month's time.
Pending: Your application is being reviewed by the staff, please be patient.

Applications can be viewed here.

To create an application, enter your username in the box below. You will be taken to a page where you must fill out the necessary fields. (Note that joke applications were only funny the first couple of times - they will be deleted immediately and will lower your chances of being accepted)

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