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Peppa Pig: The Infernal Zodiacs! is a Peppish animated television/online series created by Sonicthehedgehog223.

On August 30, 2018, the show was renewed for a second season of 25 episodes.

On September 18, 2019, it was announced that the show would end following the conclusion of its third season, which premiered the following day. The series officially concluded on March 27, 2020.


The series follows Peppa Pig and her friends who take the role of the 12 Zodiac signs. There is also a B-story about Gerald Giraffe, who is the often forgotten 13th Zodiac.



Season Episodes Originally Aired Premiering Network
First Aired Last Aired
Pilot October 12, 2017 Matrix
1 20 August 10, 2018 December 21, 2018 Coniston
2 25 January 29, 2019 July 3, 2019
3 18 September 19, 2019 March 27, 2020

Season 1

No. Overall No. In Season Title Original Air Date Viewers in millions
1 1 The Threat of the Arising Aries! August 10, 2018 3.34
Peppa sets up a new type of hide and seek, but she wants everybody to play it how she wants it.
2 2 The Two-Timing Taurus! August 17, 2018 2.56
Peppa and Suzy enter a contest, but Suzy only wants the Prize. Meanwhile, Gerald and Alex try to figure out the former's purpose.
3 3 Grateful Guy, Gemini! August 24, 2018 4.24
Edmond, after being saved, promises to keep his mouth closed, but this goes wrong when the gang needs some info. Meanwhile, Alex and Gerald get into a calamity on how to get Dinky on board with the research.
4 4 Crazy Cancer Car Crash! August 31, 2018 3.75
Pedro's friends get mad at him when he becomes too cautious. Meanwhile, Peppa and Alex debate on who should organize the next trip, and everybody picks Alex.
5 5 Luck Leeching-Leo! September 7, 2018 3.95
Max, determined to get attention, tries to win a lot of games.
6 6 Very Ville Virgo September 14, 2018 3.31
Emily stays at home for a week straight, so Peppa. Danny, Pedro, and Suzy try to get her to have fun. Meanwhile, Dinky is trying to let what Peppa said sink in, despite Alex discouraging it.


7 7 Libra's Luxury September 21, 2018 2.70
Dinky tries to be assertive, but only ends up disturbing others' luxury. Gerald blueprints a rocket ship.

MISSING ZODIACS: Aries, Leo, Virgo

8 8 Scorpio Learns Silly! September 28, 2018 3.42
Patty and Dinky encourage Alex to be less focused and have fun, despite Alex also working on Gerald's rocket.

MISSING ZODIACS: Cancer, Aqarius, Gemini, Aries

9 9 Super Sincere Saggitarius October 5, 2018 3.37
Peppa gets mad at Patty because she tattles on Peppa, which causes Patty to lie about everything, with Kingsley heavily panning her
10 10 Capricon the Candycorn October 12, 2018 3.27
Kingsley learns about being hyper, and gets hyper when he eats a candycorn. Meanwhile, Edmond nearly foils Gerald's plan.


11 11 Pisces Needs Fish October 19, 2018 3.20
Danny tries to stop eating fish after he realizes they are his horoscope animal.
12 12 The Awesome Aquarius October 26, 2018 3.40
George fears he's a scaredy-pig.
13 13 Leo's Ludicrous Lion November 2, 2018 3.39
Max, slowly going insane, makes friends with Leo Lion.
14 14 Saggitarius' Secret November 9, 2018 3.34
Pressure rains upon Patty as the group entrusts her not to reveal the rocket ship plans. Peppa worries about the group,
15 15 Taurus is Tardy November 16, 2018 3.59
Suzy plans on sleeping in, forgetting she has fashion class.
16 16 Pisces the Penny Pincher November 23, 2018 3.40
Peppa tricks Danny into charging people overpriced tea.
17 17 Suddenly, Scorpio November 30, 2018 3.17
Alex realizes he's allergic to scorpions. The group has to work without Alex.


18 18 Virgo's Victory! December 7, 2018 3.04
Emily successfully finishes everything, and becomes extremely bored.
19 19 Aries' Atrocious Birthday December 14, 2018 3.07
Peppa's birthday comes around but almost everybody is pitching in with Gerald's rocket so nobody pays any attention to her.
20 20 Ophicus' Orbit December 21, 2018 3.08
The rocket is finally complete, but Peppa finds out.

Season 2

Overall In Season Episode Air Date
21 1 Tricking Taurus June 3, 2019
22 2 Arial Aries June 4, 2019


  • Peppa Pig (Aries) - Peppa, as an Aries, is usually seen as the gang's leader. Because of this, she sometimes goes mad with power. She is attracted to Pedro.
  • Suzy Sheep (Taurus) - Suzy, as a Taurus, has an eye of beauty, and is all about rewards. It's the reverse in this series, as Suzy is normally attracted to Danny, here she is attracted to Max.
  • Edmond Elephant (Gemini) - Edmond, as a Gemini, is very, very talkative. Despite his wits, he is usually left out not for being little, but for being annoying. He is closest to Dinky, who actually takes the time to listen to him.
  • Pedro Pony (Cancer) - Pedro, as a cancer, is severely fragile and insecure. He likes being around people who will defend him. He is often made fun of due to his zodiac sign's name.
  • Max Moose (Leo) - Max, as a Leo, strives for attention, as he fears of being another guy in the crowd. He is usually the cause of the events that happen in the episode.
  • Emily Elephant (Virgo) - Emily, as a Virgo, is more interested in work than play. She is trustworthy, but is also overly critical and can make her an annoyance. She proves herself to be shy in episode 2.
  • Dinky Dog (Libra) - Dinky, as a Libra, is a pacifist and is easygoing. Because of this, Aries (Peppa) can often take advantage of her. She finds Kingsley's advice to her very meaningful, and has a slight crush on him.
  • Alex Pig (Scorpio) - Alex, as a Scorpio, is a very focused and outgoing member. He is assertive, but unlike Peppa, he knows when to stop, for he understands what the Peppaverse can do. He can be very furtive at times.
  • Patty Pony (Saggitarius) - Patty, as a Saggitarius, is an exciting and honest person. She finds Alex very interesting and usually comes to him for answers.
  • Kingsley Kangaroo (Capricorn) - Kingsley, as a Capricorn, is actually different from his normal counterpart. Kingsley is very wise and cautious. He finds the joy and energy Dinky and Patty have very inspiring.
  • George Pig (Aquarius) - George, as an Aquarius, is very imaginative and surprisingly tough. He is very curious about the world around him, but is a troublemaker and is addicted to Grape FANTA.
  • Danny Dog (Pisces) - Danny, as a Pisces, is usually selfless and will sacrifice himself for the greater good. He is treated as the second in-command by Peppa and admires how she takes the lead.
  • Gerald Giraffe (Ophiuchus) - Gerald, as an Ophiuchus, is technically not a zodiac. He has a B Story about how he learns his point. He has a vast knowledge, but sadly can get extremely angry. He has a small ego.