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Peppa: It was a great idea to go on vacation at your family's country club water park, Suzy! (sighs) It's so quiet here!

Suzy: Yeah, my family has the best country club ever. I love spending my summer here. There's my own amusement park and a wave pool...There's even a self-serve snack bar!

Peppa: Wow! What should we do first?

Suzy: Let's go to the waterslides with George!

Peppa and Suzy: Wheeeeeee!

(at the waterslide...)

George: Dine-saw! Grrr!

Peppa: No, George. You can't bring your dinosaur to the waterslide. It'll get wet and completely damaged.

Suzy: I'll bring it to the country club hotel.

George: Ahoy! George just like a fishy!

Peppa: Wow, I can't believe George said a full sentence for the first time! Hooray!

Suzy: Wow, he sure likes those watersides.

Peppa: Let's go too!

Suzy: Get ready, Peppa!

Peppa: 1...2...3...wheeeeeeee! (Peppa and Suzy go down the waterslide into the water)

Suzy: That was fun! What should we do next?

Peppa: Maybe we could go to the wave pool! Hey, George! Do you wanna come?

Danny : Did George Say His First Sentence

Peppa: No time for that! We wanna go to the wave pool now!

George: Okay, okay! George go.

Peppa: Fine.

George: George love splashy waves!

Peppa: Okay, let's go.

(at the wave pool...)

Peppa: Let's make some big waves! (pushes button on the shallow side of the wave pool, Suddenly, the wave pool makes waves)

George: Wheeeee! Big waves! (giggles)

Peppa: Hey, let's have a whirlpool while we're at it! (pushes another button, suddenly, there are waves AND a whirlpool in the wave pool!)

George: Oooh! George love whirlpools! George love to swirl around in them!

(George goes into the whirlpool with Suzy)

Suzy: Wheeeeeeeeee!

Peppa: (riding the wave pool's waves) Wait a minute! Don't swirl around in there for too long! You might get dizzy!

Suzy: NO WAY! This is so much fun!

Peppa: (groans and pushes the button again)

(the whirlpool stops)

Suzy: Wow! Ha ha! That was so much fun!

Peppa: See? I told you that waves are more fun than swirly whirlpools!

Suzy: I agree with you, Peppa. But both are really good.

(Then Suzy's mom comes in)

Mrs. Sheep: Well, I think it's lunchtime for the hungry wave pool riders.

Suzy:Okay, Mom! (pushes a button and the waves stop) We're coming! (Peppa, George, and Suzyrun out of the wave pool)

(in the hotel cafe...) Peppa: Gee, Suzy, I think I should visit this country club every summer.

Suzy: Yeah, I think so too. Then we can play in the amusement park and the water park all day!

Peppa: (pauses) Hey, Suzy! You said that there was a self-serve snack bar. Wanna go there for some ice cream?

Suzy: Baaah! Sure! Let's go!

Peppa and Suzy: (they both run off giggling, with George following them)

Peppa: This is the best water park EVER!!!!!