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(at bedtime...)

Peppa: Mummy, can I have another glass of warm milk?

Mummy: ಠ_ಠ  Another? -country accent- You gon get sick!

Peppa: [hops out of bed and goes to window] Oh, look at me! I'm gonna go touch the butt! -sneezes-

Mummy pig:Ok ok. Here you go, sweetie. But this is your last one.

Peppa: Mmmm... (her eyelids are getting droopy) My mummy and daddy... (yawns) My little brother George... (yawns twice) They go outside and play... (sighs, then yawns) I'm going to snore lightly... (pulls up the covers of her bed) When I'm in my dream, I... (snores loudly)

(in Peppa's dream...)

Peppa: George! I found a brand new toy dinosaur that Mr. Fox had made!

George: Huh? Dine-saw?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Peppa: Geooooooooooorge! Stop that!

George: (takes an extremely deep breath, and roars a gigantic roar) ROAR!!!!!


(the dream ends)

Peppa: No! No! No! No! Mummy! Ack! Help! Help! Don't eat me! There's a big dinosaur out there!

Mummy: I've bought the warm milk... (drops the glass) Oh, Peppa! Do you have a bad dream?!

Peppa: Oh, Mummy! I don't wanna have George's new toy dinosaur! I don't wanna be ignored and call anybody in the whole universe! (buries herself with the bed covers)

Mummy: Oh, don't be silly, Peppa. Dinosaurs can't roar gigantic roars. You don't have another bad dream.

Peppa: I don't?

Mummy: Of course not.

(the next morning...)

Daddy: Look out, George! I'm coming!

George: No catch me! (giggles)

Peppa: Look, George! I bought something just for you!

George: Is it Dine-saw?

Peppa: No. he rocked the boat.....

George: Ooh, boat!

Mummy: Is everybody okay?

Peppa: Yes. Come on. Let's go into space. (hops on the rocket with her family) Ready for countdown, George?

George: Ready! 92, 36, twelvety, button, 70 hundred, one! BLAST OOOOOFFFFF!!!


Peppa: Isn't it fun, George?!

George: Yes, big sister!

Daddy: Look, Peppa. Alien spaceships!

George: Spaceships?! (buries himself with his shirt)

Peppa: Don't be scared, George. I'll stop them.

Mummy: No, Peppa!

Peppa: Back off, you aliens! I'll... (falls off of the rocket)

Mummy and Daddy: Peppa!

George: Big sister!

Peppa: (keeps falling) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

(the dream ends, like before)

Peppa: Oof! (stands up) Whew! It's just a dream.

George: Oh, big sister! Look what I've got!

Peppa: Tell me what it is, George!

George: I've got... A MILLINILLION ROTTEN EGGS!!!!! (cackles very loudly)


George: Let's make Daddy and Mommy's Depressing Birthday Cake EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!


(again, the dream ends) Peppa:No! No! No no....(wakes up) Oh man! I just had three bad dreams in one night! I guess I should cuddle my bear all night tomorrow night.



  1. George is very annoying.
  2. Will Peppa ever have good dreams!