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Lucina is the main antagonist in the show Peppa Pig. She is determined to annihilate the Pig family to alter the course of fate, much like her role model, Dimitri.

In Peppa Pig: The Movie, she joins Al-Qaeda in an attempt to kill Peppa and her family, but ends up dead after being shot 387 times by her fellow terrorists.

She is shown to be revived at the end of the season following the release of the movie, while on their trip to the US. Mummy Pig accidentally spilling Capri-sun on a goth crop-top in a Hot Topic led to her revival, though she has yet to make a reappearance since.


Determined to alter the course of fate, she is strong-willed and steadfast. Though her numerous attempts to kill the Pig family have resulted in failure, often causing pain and suffering for her or her accomplices, she continues striving toward her goal.


  • She has shown a subtle racism towards Canadians. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Despite her attempts to kill the Pig family, Lucina dislikes the notion of death, even if it's considered noble.
  • She is a newcomer in Peppa Pig: The Game, and even has her own trophy.
  • The general consensus of her character is mixed, among both fans and critics alike.
  • Lucina's sword is called Falchion.
  • Lucina is notably different from the other characters, with a more anime-inspired art style.
  • Lucina is known for disguising herself, particularly as someone known as Marth. Even though her disguise is obvious, even to new fans, it is kept up occasionally.
  • Her rather controversial disguises greatly resemble Team Rocket's Jessie, James, and Meowth in terms of how ridiculously obvious they are. However, for the sake of the respective plots, they do indeed work within them.
  • In the Peppa Pig spinoff, Peppa Pig: Shadow Dragon, Lucina is replaced by a male named Marth.
  • She is spoofed in the Peppa's Adventures: Next Generation episode "Bluecina".
  • Lucina's father, Chrom, has only made one appearance in the show, in which he attempts to undermine the government and instate fish sticks as a one-world currency. When his plans fail, he lures George Pig into his Minecraft world, only to blow it up in an act of petty torment.
  • Dimitiri, the first antagonist of the show, is Lucina's teacher and role model. He died in the first season finale, after attempting a kamikaze attack and failing.
  • She kinda sucks at Among Us.
  • John Cena is her rarely seen long lost brother.
  • She has a sister known as Morgan who comes from a future she claims "... has no Capri-sun, no malls, and worst of all... No Hot Topic."