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Love Triangle (Part 1) is an episode of season six. It is the first two parter.


George discovers that Zuzu and Elly have a crush on him. Meanwhile, Danny tries to see which tuxedo would be better to impress Suzy.


It is Valentines Day in Peppaland, and everybody is sending each other heart cards. Well, everybody except George, Edmond, Alex, Sammy, and Richard. Alex does research to tell when you have a crush on someone. Sammy thinks it's a dumb idea, and they walk in the Playgroup.

Meanwhile, the big kids have the day off to prepare for the Valentines Day dance. Peppa, Pedro, and Gerald are all seen running to Danny's house. Danny asks about the whereabouts of Suzy, and Peppa tells him she was buying a dress for the dance. Danny immediately blushes and starts daydreaming, accidentally revealing his crush on Suzy. Peppa teases him about it, but Danny says that Peppa kissed Pedro before.

Peppa blushes after that, and Pedro faints. Gerald tries to comfort Danny, saying there is nothing wrong with being in love at a young age. That is when Danny realizes he needs to get a tuxedo to impress Suzy. They start running to the store after that.

George and his gang enter the playgroup with Zaza entering behind them. She starts looking for Zuzu, where she spots her at the red table. Zuzu is writing a Valentine's card to George. Zaza immediately gags and says that Richard is better. Zuzu then throws her sister out the window.

George and his gang go to the virtual area, where they meet Ronald Rat. Ronald and Alex join Edmonds team, and they successfully take down George's team. Madame Gazelle tells everybody it's lunch time. Elly accidentally drops her pie and cries, so George makes a new one for her.

Danny is with Peppa, Pedro, and Gerald looking for tuxedos. Gerald says a blue tuxedo wouldn't look right, as Suzy is repelled by the color blue. The one he wants cannot fit him. Peppa gets a pink ball dress, which attracts Pedro. But Danny is so disgusted he vomits, his vomit eventually blows up the store, where he manages to snag a white tuxedo.


  • This is the first two parter episode.
  • This episode has the most romance, not counting part 2.