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Oh! Polly!
— Granny Pig

Granny Pig (birth name Marge Pig) is the very caring grandmother of Peppa and George and is Grandpa Pig's wife. She has pale pink skin, and wears a magenta dress and black shoes, and sometimes wears a hat. She was briefly seen in the clothes shop in “Poppies and Paddles” wearing a blue dress and a blue hat with a dark blue ribbon tied in a bow at the front of her hat. In Priscilla Pig she died, but was alive after the episode.she is a ex-playboy pig . is also a member and the leader of The Silver Girls.


At a very old age, Granny Pig was cursed by Witch pig and received Kyphosis and Arthritis which resulted in a hunchback. Out of shame she changed her identity and hid herself away from the world and no one reported seeing her after that.



  • She was cooked alive when she fell asleep on a grill.
    • However, this is later proven false since she was on vacation and the dead pig is just one of Peppa's evil cousins.
  • George calls her "Granky Ig".
  • In Arissa123's Fanon, she died on March 21, 2020 from a seizure.
  • In Piggy, Grannny pig is called Grandmother Pig and works in her own poutine store called 'Grandma Piggy's Poutine'. This raises the question if Granny Pig is Canadian her favorite food is chocolate cake she likes anything chocolate she sometimes goes to Dunkin’ Donuts and gets a chocolate donut and a frozen chocolate drink her favorite milk is chocolate milk she always gets chocolate ice cream when she goes out to ice cream
  • She sometimes wears a hat with pink and purple flowers, and with a pink bow with spots of purple.
  • She doesnt really like cooking, she lets Grandpa Pig handle the cooking, as she does the baking.
  • She work in the playboy maganize at 28 years