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Grandpa Pig (birth name Manuel Pig) is the husband of Granny Pig, father of Mummy Pig and Peppa and George's grandfather and he hates crabs. Once, he threw 9 crabs in a garage can that luckily were all rescued. Grandpa pig was banned from the beach for 1 whole month. Afterwards, granny pig brought him home and slammed him through the kitchen table and said he was a bad influence to all 9 of his Grandkids.

In Kandarailway's fanon, he was born in 1946 and was the Prime Minister of Peppaland from 1996 to 1998.

In Vvmaxplays Fanon, he was born in 1945 and is the current King of Peppaland.

In Vaal-Maan PRoV's fanon, he was born in 1944. He is a retired Navy Captain and currently lives on government pension.

Grandpa Pig canonically has 12 confirmed kills and is wanted in the United States for his multiple war crimes.


Grandpa Pig has pale pink skin. He wears a deluge shirt and has black shoes. He almost always wears a sailor's cap. He weighs 410lbs.


It was revealed in the fifth episode of Season 6 (written by Bubblegum83) that he died from Ligma, a severe illness comparable with the Coronavirus. A theory suggests that he was actually poisoned by Nelson Pig, his brother and later on the death was blamed upon Ligma which in reality, he hadn't died from.

In Pigpa Pig (DaveSTUDIOS fandom), Grandpa Pig, died from overage and cancer, along with Grandma Pig.

In Peppa Pig: George Strikes Back Deaths By George, But in the Aternative Ending Grandpa Pig Kills George.

In Peppa Pig Allies With The World, He was poisoned by Mrs. Cat because he worked at Dog's Pizza. Mrs. Cat is literally insane in PPAWTW.

In Grandpa Pig's Death/Funeral, he dies after deciding to try bacon.



  • George calls him "Papa" Ig.
  • He likes to be called Daddy Pig by Mummy Pig.
  • He's bisexual, as evidenced in season 2 episode 5 where he clearly showed feelings for Martin Pig.
  • He likes to play the flute.
  • He is currently living out a life sentence for killing two pigs in an armed robbery.
  • He has devoured at least 17 pigs in his lifetime if not more.
  • He is also the father of Mummy Pig and father-in-law of Daddy Pig.
  • As stated above, Grandpa loved watching Pigs die.
  • He also loved watching siblings get married.
  • The only person who knew his secret was his uncle, Thanatos Pig.


  • In Peppa's adventures, George calls him "Grandpa Manuel" in some episodes.
  • In STH223's fanon, he has worked a variety of jobs before retiring.
  • He worked for Osama Bin Laden and later betrayed him and quickly escaped
  • He adopted a 19 year old Pig named "Riley Reid Pig" but later dumped her since she was A VERY NAUGHTY PIGGY....
  • He once rebuilt the Titanic, but it sank when it crashed into an iceberg.
  • Caused WW2 Unexpectedly.
  • He and Hitler tried to assassinate Grandpa Dog but his plans failed for some reasons.
  • In Peppa Holly Power Hour, he is seated next to the Wise Old Elf in the courtroom scene, as they both share the same voice actor and they're both old and wise.
  • Grandpa Pig was actually dead about 5 times but Satan and Jesus didn't want him in Hell or Heaven since he is fucking idiot.
  • In Power476's fanon, he is a famous singer who was active from 1963 to 2005.
  • He has PTSD from getting his dick stuck in a blender
  • In Pigpa Pig, he was suffering from cancer and died in "Grandpa Death" (S1 Ep14)
  • In George Infinty Wars revive and Helps George to Kill Evil George


  • "Well, after they ate the lovely dinner, everyone fell asleep. The end." - Princess Diana
  • ”Death is the solution to all problems. No man - No problem.
  • "Am I a bit late as a recruit?" - Even A Star Dies
  • "I had to commit that genocide, communism would have taken over Vietnam, Peppa." - Grandpa Pig
  • "I'm hungry."
  • "CYKA BLYAT!!!"
  • "I am dying! Wheres my cancer medication"
  • "oH nO George is Dead, HORAY!" (Alternative Ending of Peppa pig: George Strikes Back)
  • "Granny Pig, you can take care Peppa" (Dead in George Strikes Back)
  • "OMG, that is NOT FUNNY! 😢"