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— Grampy Rabbit

Grampy Rabbit (birth name Hughes Jimpy Rabbit) is Mummy Rabbit and Miss Rabbit's father. He is the grandfather of Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit, although it is rarely mentioned. He speaks in a loud voice. His song, which is disliked by adult characters, yet children characters enjoy's lyrics are: "I got up this morning, The sea was still there, and so was the skyy, the sea the sky the sea the sky the sea the sky the sea the skyy" Meaning he has been living in the lighthouse his whole life.

He is voiced by Brian Blessed.

Peppa Pig: The Fractured But Whole

Grampy Rabbit appears as a boss on the second night when Peppa's gang goes to the dinosaur park to find a dinosaur egg, and they fight him and some real dinosaurs.

Peppa Pig: Rise of George

Grampy Rabbit appears in Rise of George as a police chief. He investigated the death of Grandpa Pig.


  • Grampy Rabbit was placed on home arrest for trying to groom George Pig, and soon after imprisoned for trying to smuggle 104 Iranian child migrants into Peppatown.
  • He joined a screaming competition against Morgz to see who was louder, Morgz won.

he name is richie rabbit

once they were abandoned on an island he wanted to do cannibalism