Goodbye is a mini episode dedicated to MrFurryTrash, who left this wiki, R.I.P 2014-2019

(No disrespect intended)


[Everyone is outside, Peppa, George, Alex, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Samuel Mora, Sammy, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Handy, Flaky and Flippy, on a stormy weather, MrFurryTrash is in front of them]

Samuel Mora: Sigh... so i guess this is all. Everything will end here.

MrFurryTrash: Yea, it ends here.

Toothy: Seems we will miss you, you helped this wiki for 5 years. And now, you are going away.

MrFurryTrash: That's right, i am going away.

Cuddles: Please stay!

MrFurryTrash: Sorry Cuddles, but i am going away, fights over a page have been mad and i decided to give up. That's why i am going away

Giggles: I see, but we are gonna miss you.

MrFurryTrash: I am also gonna miss everyone.

Sammy: Dont forget about me!

MrFurryTrash: I wont forget you, even though i never talked with you.

Flaky: We wont also forget you, just... be careful out there... [Starts crying, Flippy conceals her]

Flippy: Calm down, everything needs to come to an end.

[Mr. Bull appears with an Taxi]

MrFurryTrash: The Taxi is here... so seems that i have to go now.

Peppa: We will miss you!

[George snorts]

Alex: Thanks for everything.

Petunia: Without you...

Handy: Nothing could be perfect.

MrFurryTrash: Thanks for those words, i will miss all of you. Thanks for everything

Mummy Pig: We will try to make everything better

Daddy Pig: Yea.

Samuel Mora: If i ever become an admin on the PPFW, i promise i will protect it from sockpuppets.

Cuddles: Hope you can Samuel!

MrFurryTrash: Bye everyone...

Everyone: Goodbye!

[MrFurryTrash gets on the taxi, the taxi starts moving]

[Meanwhile at the road, MrFurryTrash is seeing the skies while in the taxi, minutes later, The Taxi parks in the airport]

[MrFurryTrash grabs his stuff, goes inside the airport and starts waiting for his flight]

[1 hour later]


MrFurryTrash: That's my flight.

[Outside, MrFurryTrash gets on the plane and sits down]

MrFurryTrash: Goodbye Peppaland...

[The Plane starts moving and later flies, it leaves the airport, later a sign is shown saying NOW LEAVING PEPPALAND]


[R.I.P MrFurryTrash 2014-2019]

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