Game over, man. Game over.
— Girge pork

Girge pork is the younger brother of Pippa Pork and is the Pippaverse counterpart of George Pig


He looks like George, obviously.

He wears black shades and a loud green shirt. he's the only member of the pork family to not have Google translate sign on their shirt

In Puppies200's fanon, Girge wears no shades, has an Google Translate sign on her shirt, and has blue shoes.


Girge has spent every pippa pork episode so far on his "GamePig", so he doesn't talk a lot. he claims to be a relatively cool guy, but really, he's just lame


  • Girge had many previous designs before his current one.
  • He talks the least of all the characters
  • His sunglasses are based off The Georginator's
  • As of "Muma pork's Girthbay", Girge has no soul

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