George: I'm dreaming... I'm... Ohhhhhh... (closes his eyes)

(in George's dream...)

George: (rowing a canoe and singing) Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...(stops singing) Uh oh....a waterfall!

Peppa: George, meet Richard. Rebecca's little brother.

George: Hi, Richard. Wanna go into space?

Richard: Sure thing, George.

George: Okay. Let's do countdown!

George and Richard: Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One

George: (whispering) Say "blast off", Richard.

Richard: Okay. WE HAVE LIFT-OFF!

George: Ka-blam!

Peppa: Look at George go!

Rebecca: He's flying with his friend Richard!

George: Slow down, Richard!

Richard: Hit the brakes! (pushes the button) Whoa!

George: Whooooooooa! (crashes into the moon) Wow, what a strange moon.

Richard: Incoming! (dives down) GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!

George: Halt! Just stop! (grabs Richard's foot) WHOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!

Richard: WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA...! [Richard somehow managed to get hit by an asteroid]

George: RICHARD!! *cries*

Richard: *cough* George.... (falls into crater)

George: RICHARD!!! 


George: (wakes up from his dream) Phew!

George:It was Night,A Nightmare in my Head

Peppa:Let's Wake Up

The End.