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Rebecca's Evil Carrorts decided to attack Gabby when she came over! They may not know this, but they messed with the WRONG Gazelle! >:D


Rebecca invites Gabby over for carrots and hopping (those are 2 of Gabby's fav things). Gabby almost eats an evil carrot and it gets mad. it turns into a whole battle!!!!!


Gabby: Say, what's this hanging around? (opens the door and sees some evil carrots) AAAH!


Evil Carrot #1: [eats toy] Well, how does it feeeel to be EATEN?! IT HURTS!! DOESN'T IT!? I KNOW!!!

Gabby: No! Not you again! I'm getting outta here! (runs away) WHOOOOOAAAA!!!

(one hour later...)

Gabby: (keeps running) Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh! The evil carrots are gonna bite me to death! Puh-puh!

(the next day...)

Gabby: (still running) Puh-puh-puh-puh-puhhhhhh...

(after one week running...)

Gabby: (still running and panting rapidly) UGH-UGH-UGH-UGH-UGH-UGH-UUUUGH!!

(runned in eight weeks now...)

Gabby: (walking slowly and sweating) PUUUUUH-UUUUUUUUUUGH!!! Uhh...

[gabby trips but insted of saying ow, keeps running]

(one year has passed...)

Gabby: (walks one more step and screeches to a stop) Oooooh-hoooooo... Finally! At my mummy's house!

Madame Gazelle: Oh, Gabby! Are you sick of those evil carrots?

Gabby: Yes, mummy... [coughs]

Madame Gazelle: Gabby, lay in your bed.

Gabby: (salutes) Aye-aye, mummy... [Gabby Runs into her room.]

Madame Gazelle: Ho Ho, Thats my girl.. AAAAAAH!!!!

[Madame Gazelle is trampled by Evil Carrots]


Evil Carrot #1: Ah, what a nice day. Gabby won't see us anymore.

Evil Carrot #2: My, my. Here comes Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hello, world. What's going on?

Evil Carrots: Oh, no! Don't eat us, Rebecca!

Rebecca: Ahhhhhhh... (chomps on her evil carrots in one gigantic bite) Mmmm! Rather if the food tastes good. Maybe I'll take a rest. (sighs, then sees something glowing in her stomach) Say, what's happening here?!

Evil Carrots: (inside Rebecca's stomach) Ha-ha, you stupid Rebecca! We'll turn black and start glowing red.

Rebecca: Oh, my gosh...

Gabby: Hiya, Rebecca! How's it going today?

Rebecca: I was just having evil carrots for lunch. You're having a job with your parents, Gabby?

Gabby: What are you saying?!

Rebecca: (takes Gabby's dress off) Aha! Gotcha!

Gabby: Oops. I'm naked. I must go now. Bye, Rebecca!

Rebecca: See you in six months, Gabby! (sighs) Now I can count the money. Five, ten, twenty-five, blue, applesauce, seventeen, orange, ninety-two, five hundred billion, genie's lamp...

Evil Carrots: (inside Rebecca's stomach) NO GRANNY PIG!!! WHA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAAA!!

Rebecca: Huh? Who said that?! Uh... Uh-oh...

[six months later...]


Rebecca: Mummy? CANNON??

Gabby: [Returns with her new Orange dress and a huge cannon full of hot water]

More Evil carrots: ( the ones that are not in Rebecca) [hops out of fridge] IT'S THAT CHEEKY GAZELLE AGAIN!!

Gabby: Fire! [Shoots carrots with the extremely hot water]

The New Evil carrots: Were melting! WERE MELTINGGGGGgggggg!

Rebecca: Uhh... You.. did it?

Gabby: [Starts giggling how she does when she's hyper] THAANKS! Carrot soup anyone?

Everyone: [Giggles and falls over]



  • Granny Pig is mentioned in this episode, but does not appear.
  • This is more of a Peppa Pig the movie 2 rather than an episode.
  • Madame Gazelle lived when trampled by carrots.
  • Gabby said she had to go, but never said she was going to return.
  • This is similar to the novel 'Creepy Carrots'.

Air Date

January 24, 2012 (UK)

January 31, 2012 (USA)