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Gabby gazelle

Gabby gazelle. a long forgotten character i made up and is Madame gazelle's granddaughter from the fandom series. In the picture, she is seen wearing black, when usually, she wears orange. She is usually seen smiling. Gabby owns a pair of maroon boots.

About gabby.

Gabby is a rather hyper little gazelle. she may not be able to feel pain, because she is hurt many times, but only responds "'i'm ok" or "why would that have hurt?" when asked if she's ok. she loves to run around and jump up and down. but not only in muddy puddles, she will jump up and down almost ANYWHERE. even if it means jumping up and down on your roof! she is quite a chatterbox like peppa, but not as much as peppa.

Gabby gazelle is not an official character yet, But she will appear in the episodes below:

Gabby Gazelle

Peppa's new friend

Follow the leader

Gabby's holiday

Peppa's sleep over

Cheer Gabby up

Flowers for everyone

It's Gabby!