Freddy Fox is a recurring character in Peppa Pig. He is playful and cool. He has a really good sense of smell. He is a bit of a show-off, but no one seems not to mind (except for Edna, Liam, Lenny, Fiona and Carla, that is). He is well-known because of his dad, who is said to have everything (but gas) in his van. He likes sports and hanging out with Danny Dog, who also likes sports. He is also a leader of his gang, The Fredstones.


Freddy's fur/skin is an orange-gold color and he has cat-like ears. he wears dark grayish red and black shoes and has rosy cheeks, just as the rest do. He has somewhat of a bushy tail with a white point.


  • He appears to be a red fox, as evidenced by the white point at the start of his tail.
  • Freddy Fox is one of few boys of the whole series (daddies and grandpas don't count)
  • Freddy appeared in "Freddy Fox" for the first time, but Peppa didn't seem to mind and she acted as if he had already appeared.
  • His love interest is called Fiona Fox, who first met Freddy in "Freddy Gets A Lot Of Luck".
  • Freddy is one of the few character's to first appear in the 2010's.
  • In Angry Birds Peppa, he is Stella the Pink Bird.