As resources dwindle, Grandad Dog holds a Cenus in order to forecast how long Peppatown can continue to exist under the dome, while Chaos enuses when a Rainstorm turns into Acid Rain.


(The Episode Opens Up To Pedro, walking in on Brianna Bear who is going through his things)

Pedro: (Nervously) What Are You Doing?

Brianna Bear: I'm Doing This,Because,B-Because,I feel like I know you.

Pedro: Oh. *gulps*

Peppa: *walks in* Are You Interroagating Her?

Pedro: *gulps* N-No.D-don'tknow what Innte-rrogate means.I'm not buying the whole "Baby Bird Act".I just want you to be more careful about bring strays into y-your house.

Peppa: Mummy Pig is Fine with it.But Let's Not Forget The Last Stray was You.

Pedro *realizes he has made a bad mistake* Oh.

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog at the Barber Shop)

Mr. Bull: MOO! What Will It Be Today Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Just a Little on the Left, Thank You.

Mr. Bull: Sounds GOOD! *starts giving him a Haircut*

Grandad Dog: So, You still Digging The Roads?

Mr. Bull: YES! But Most of The Roads Ain't Been Needing Work Lately!

Grandad Dog: Do You Still Miss Granny Dog?

Mr. Bull: Yes,Very Much So, Indeed.Was A Nice Person! You Been Interested In Anyone ELSE?

Grandad Dog: Well, Yes, There Is Someone.

Mr. Bull: TELL ME! 

Grandad Dog: *sighs* M-Mrs.Gazzele.

Mr. Bull: Really? I say GoodLuck To Ya Then! *finishes the Haircut*

Grandad Dog: Thank You. And Thank You For The Haircut!

Mr. Bull: Why, Your Welcome! *laughs* 

Grandad Dog: Goodluck on the Roads! *leaves*

Mr. Bull: I WILL! 

(The scene switches to Everyone going to The Diner For Grandad Dog's Regeristration)

Mrs. Gazzele: Danny? Su-zY?

Danny and Suzy: Yes Madame Gazzele?

Mrs. Gazzele: Set Up Thee Wind Turbine, Based On A Classroom Experiment I Did.

Danny: Alright.

Suzy: Okay.

Brianna Bear: I will Help As Well!

Mrs. Gazzele: Good! *walks awaY*

Peppa: *Annoyed* She's Been A Little More "Bossier" Than Usual!

(The scene switches to Mr. Wolf's Cabin, where the last Episode left off)

Mr. Wolf: No I Didn't! Why Would I Do Such A Thing!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Mr. Wolf: YOU DID!??!?!?!?!?!?!?


Mr. Wolf: *starts trying to calm Edmond down* Granny Dog had blackouts as well, And Sometimes going to were she was at jogged her Memory!

Edmond: *starts to stop crying* I-It did?

Mr. Wolf: Yes.

(The scene switches back to The Diner)

Townsperson Dog: *looks out the Window* Hey Look! *points to the Window* It's Raining!

Townspeople: THE OLD-

Townsperson Goat: We Get It Already! Let's Just Go Get US some Rain!

Townspeople: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *they all grab buckets and run outside*

Daddy Pig: HEY! This Isn't Rain! It's Blood!

Tonwspeople: *look into the Buckets and see that the water is red and they all cringe before* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *They all run back inside in a Panic*

(The scene switches to the Highschool)


(The scene switches to The Diner)

Mr. Bull: *looks out the Window and sees the Red Rain* MOO! Why, It's A Biblical Plauge! It's A Biblical Plauge! 

Mrs. Gazeele: Meester Bull. I do not think It Is Whatever You Call A "Bebelical Plauge" Or Whatever! I've Got A Sample I Want To Analyze At The School.I think It's from the Lake, polluted by the Fertilizer.

(Mr. Wolf Walks in)

Mr. Wolf: AH! Good To Be Back! *sits in a Booth*

Pedro: *looks out the WIndow* I W-Wonder if They're Are People Stuck Out There.IN That Blood Rain.

Peppa: If There Are, We Should Go Help Them.

Pedro: Yes.But We'll need Help.

Peppa: Yes.

Pedro: Mr. Wolf?

Mr. Wolf: Yes?

Pedro: Would You Like To Come Help us Find People Who Are Stuck In the Acid Rain?

Mr. Wolf: Yes.That sounds like a Very Good Thing To Do!

Pedro: Yes!

(Mr. Wolf,Peppa,and Pedro set off out of the Diner in search of People lost in The Acid Rain)

(The scene switches to The Mr. Potato Show On TV)

Mr. Potato: *looks out the WIndow and sees the Acid Rain* AH! De-Rector! They iss RED WATER OUTSIDE! 

Director: *looks out the Window and Gasps* Yup, It's Red Water Outside.

Mr. Potato: Red Rain!?!?!?!? RED RAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts running around frantically*

Director: *facepalm* CALM DOWN!

Mr. Potato: *gulps* el-right1 I weel Calm Down! But What Red Rein Mean?

Director: I have NO Idea.

(The scene switches to The High School)

Danny: So What Do You Think We Should Use For The Turbine Pipe?

Suzy: *shrugs*

(Suddenly they run into Edmond)

Danny: What Are You Doing Edmond?

Edmond: Retracing My Steps! *walks past them*

(The scene then switches to Grandad Dog and Madame Gazzele in his Other Car driving down the Road)

Grandad Dog: Do You Think The Rain is A Test Of My Leadership?

Mrs. Gazzele: I Think There Is A Answer to This.

(Suddenly Mrs. Gazzele sees someone in the Street in front of them)

Mrs. Gazzele: WATCH OUT!

Grandad Dog: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Grandad Dog swerves to Avoid Hitting Him and crashes into a Tree Off Road* AH! What Was That-

(Suddenly The Hooded Figure Opens Up Grandad Dog's Door)

Grandad Dog: What Are You-*The Figure grabs him and Throws Him out of the Car* AGH!

Mrs. Gazzele: AHHHHHHHHH!

Hooded Figure: *gets in the Car With Mrs. Gazzele and drives off while laughing hsterically*

Grandad Dog: *sees the Acid Rain falling faster than Ever* AHHH! *he runs under a Tree, puts on his Trench Coat, and radios for help* Help! Help! If Anyone Can. Hear Me, i'm Stuck Under A Tree and someone just took one of my cars, I'm just Glad I wasn't driving Old Bessie! Please! Please! HELP! *starts to to fade into unconsiousnes* I'm j-just glad that and I was a h-e-r-o's-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....*passes out*

(The scene switches to The High School)

(Danny plugs in his Tablet to review the Notes on the Windmill Project,)

Danny: *starts humming to himself and then sees He has A Mesagge* M-Message? *He discovers it is from Captain Daddy Dog and starts reading t, It says: Dear Danny, I Know You Are trapped Under that Big Fishbowl Looking Thing,But,We Are Still One.Your Mummy Is still wanting to get back with the Mummy's Fire Engine Service, even though they are trapped under they're as well.Also, I want you to please take care of Penny For Me. Please.Sincerely Captain Daddy Dog.

Danny: *starts crying* I-I..W-Wonder if I should tell them w-what happened?

Brianna Bear: *sees that Danny is starting to get sad and goes over to him* It's Alright *starts careesing his face*  We'll figure it out Sweetie.

Danny: Ah!......*He starts acting like he hears love music in the background* I-I...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......*suddenly he hears something and stops* W-What Was That!?!?! *starts looking around randomly*

Suzy: *is annoyed by this and disgusted by it* Edmond! Check Your Email!

Edmond: All Right! *looks and discovers that he has a Message that says: I can help You Edmond* Hmm, I wonder What that Means? *He also sees The URl to a Website called: Forces Laws.Com* What-? *He clicks on the URl and it asks him for Granny Dog's Birthday* Granny Dog's Birthday?

(The scene then switches to Peppa,Pedro,and Mr. Wolf, who are Driving)

Peppa: Look! *points to someone on the Side of the Road underneath a Tree* There's Someone!

Pedro: *gasps* I-I think It's......

Mr. Wolf: Why, It Looks Like Grandad Dog! *They drive over to the sde of the road and get the Unconcious Grandad Dog into the Car and they head back to the Diner*

(The scene then switches to Mrs. Gazzele, who has just woken up tied to a Chair)

Mrs. Gazzele: Hmmmm....? *wakes up and discovers she's tied up* AH! HELP!

Mr. Bull: MOO! Too Late For THAT! I'm Holding You Captive!

Mrs. Gazzele: *gasps* Why Are you doing Zis!?!?!?!?!?! Whe-ere Did You Do With Grandad Dog!?!?!?!?!?!

Mr. Bull: If Grandad Dog is "Righteous" The Rain'll Spare Him! *laughs Hysterically*

Mrs. Gazzele: Let Me GO!

Mr. Bull: No,No,NO! I Don't Want To Stop The Rain! And *points to Mrs.Gazzele* Neither Do You!

Mrs. Gazzele: Wha-

Mr. Bull: There's A New God In Peppatown, It surrounds and embraces us all.It's Gonna Show No Mercy To Infidels.

(The scene switches back to the Diner)

(Grandad Dog is starting to wake up and remember everything)

Grandad Dog: *wakes up* Uh, thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-f-frts...

Pedro: Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: What's y-You n-nee-d?

Pedro: Who Took Mrs. Gazzele? I mean Madame Gazzele?

Grandad Dog: *croaks* Uh.....Mis-Mr. b-u-l-l took h-her.

Pedro: Mr. Bull?

Grandad Dog: Y-e-s.

(The scene switches back to The Cement Factory)

Mr. Bull: *comes back inside carrying a Bowl of The Acid Rain* 

Mrs. Gazzele: W-hy do you h-have that?

Mr. Bull: I can't Have You Interferring With The Coming Rapture!

Mrs. Gazzele: Rapture? Wha-

Mr. Bull: You Need To Understand!

(The scene switches back to The Highschool)

Edmond: Alright, Uh, Birthday? *starts entering the Birthday* January 10th, 1960.

(He finishes entering it, and then a Video of Granny Dog pops up)

Granny Dog: (On the Video) Edmond, If You're Hearing This,I'm Still Here.And I wanted to make sure that You know that, I am Alive and I hope to see you again.And In the Meantime, if You Need Answers, Talk to Mr. Bull and ONLY Mr. Bull.Oka-(The Video cuts off)

Edmond: NO! No! I was just-*Then He realizes the Power has gone out* Ah! Everybody! Goodbye! I'm Gonna Go Get Some Information! *puts on a Trenchcoat and walks out to go find Mr. Bull*

(The scene then switches to Mr. Bull's Barber Shop)

Pedro: So What Do You Think About The Nature Of People?

Peppa: I am Not Sure, Except for the Fact That Mr. Bull is Both A Construction Worker and A Barber

Pedro: Yeah, I don't know understand how in the World A Construction Worker could also be a A Barber.

Peppa: Yeah, But People are still Good.

Pedro: Yes, They Are, But We Still Need A Firm Hand to Keep Us In Line.*looks at a Old Picture and Picks it Up* What Is This!?!?!?!? *The Picture says The Summer of 88, With Mr. Bull,Mr. Wolf,and Granny Dog*.Weird.*shows Peppa the Picture* You'd had better radio Mr. Wolf In.

Peppa: Yeah, *radios him in* Mr. Wolf?

Mr. Wolf: (On the Radio) Yes?

Peppa: In The Summer of 88, Mr. Bull and Granny Dog were dating.

Mr. Wolf: (On the Radio) Yup, They Were.Gotta Go!

Peppa: Alright *hangs Radio Up*

Edmond: *walks into the Barber Shop* Mr. Bull? Mr. Bull? Where Are You?

Pedro: You're Looking For Mr. Bull As Well?

Edmond: Yes, he's got answers.That I Need.I'll Help You Guys if you want me too.

Pedro: Yes!

Peppa: *nods her head*

Edmond: *looks at the Picture* I think I know where the Location Of That Picture Might Be!

(The scene switches back to The High School)

Danny: I think The Magnetism Made A Worm Hole which caused the Internet to break through! If WE can find that Worm Hole Again, We Can See More and Maybe Get nc ontact and Find A Way to Get Outta here!

Suzy: Yeah!

Brianna Bear: I guess?

(All 3 of them start looking for it)

(The scene switches back to the Diner)

Grandad Dog: M-Mr. Wolf, i-I still can't believe that You saved me.But i don't understand though, WHY did you save me?

Mr. Wolf: I'm Not Going To Let You Die........Yet.

(The scene switches back to The Cement Factory)

Mr. Bull: This'll Show You I'm Right! *pours the Acid Rain on Miss Gazzele*

Mrs. Gazzele: UH! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I believe In Rapture! It WIll Happen! It Will Happen! I will not Interfere with it! Just Stop It!

Mr. Bull: I Don't Believe You! You STILL Haven't Learned! *pulls out his Gun*

Mrs. Gazzele: AH! NOOOOO!

Mr. Bull: Prepare To-*He hears the Door bust in* What IN The World!?!?!?!?!?

(Suddenly the Door to the Room he is in busts in and Edmond and Pedro but in with Guns and Peppa is following)

Mr. Bull: FINE! If That's The Way You Want To Have It! *runs over behind the chair and aims it straight at Mrs. Gazzle*

(They all lower their Guns)

Peppa: Mr. Bull, The Dome Spoke To Me! It showed Me Lots of Things that were Gonna Happen!

Mr. Bull: MOO! What Does THAT Have To Do With Anything!?!?!?!?!?

(Mrs. Gazzele is working t free herself from the Rope)

Peppa: You see, I'm Working To Understand what the Dome wants and it's taking a long time to do it,and now,Just Calmly lower your gun.

Mr. Bull: Alright, I Guess Your Right, I'll Lower! *He starts to do it*

Mrs. Gazezele: *gets her hands free and grabs the Acid Rain Bowl and throws it In Mr. Bull's Face*


Pedro: *runs over and gets Mr. Bull away*


Pedro: Madame Gazzele's Sister? Oh, I thought she was Madame Gazzele.They do look alike.

Peppa: Pedro! She Is Madame Gazzele! But she's taken on the Name Of "Mrs. Gazzle" For some reason!

Mrs. Gazzele: *gives her a Enraged Look*

(The scene switches to The High School)

Danny: Almost There! Almost There! *He continues following the Signal to the Internet* Almost! Almost! *He sees that the Signal is coming from The Locker with Penny's Bloodied Handprint on it* Oh No. I-I'm s-scared a-about opening i-it.

Brianna Bear: Do Not be Afraid.*starts getting very close to Danny* You are Alright.

Suzy: *groans* Oh No! *gets in the way* Back off!

Brianna Bear: Geez, You Don't Gotta Be Such A Narrsicist! I was Just Gonna Open The Locker! *puts in the Combination and opens it*

Danny: NO! The Internet Signal! It's Gone! Or Lost! One Or The Other!

Suzy: It's Empty.That's Weird.*looks at Brianna Bear* How'd YOU Know The Combination!?!?!?!?!?!?

(The scene then switches to Mrs. Gazzele, who is getting ready to talk to Grandad Dog)

Mrs. Gazzele: I cannot spray something the lake to counteract the toxic-alge. *goes to talk to Grandad Dog) Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Yes?

Mrs. Gazzele: I stopped the Rain, Not The Dome.Some "Tough Descions" have to be made about the Town.

Grandad Dog: What?

(The scene switches back to the High School, where Suzy is mad as Ever with Brianna Bear)

Suzy: How'd YOU Know The COMBINATION!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *gets right up in Brianna Bear's Face*

Brianna Bear: I swear, I'm Telling the TRUTH! I just "saw" it.

Suzy: I don't believe it! YOU-

Danny: *intervines* Alright,Alright, Just Break It Off.I've GOT Answers.

(The scene then switches back to The Diner)

Mrs. Gazzele: You see, Crops and Livestock died in the Rain.It may become Nessacarey to " selectivley Thin The Herd" so To Speak.

Grandad Dog: I see.

(Peppa discovers something)

Peppa: What Is This? *she looks at a Survey and it has Detailed Medical Questions on it* WHAT"S THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!? I CAN"T Bare This No More! *She angrily storms out in fury* C'MON PEDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro: *gulps nervously* Uh, it's Just A Contengency.

Peppa: I STILL Don't Think So! I want you to Stand With Me Against Grandad Dog and Mrs. Gazzele.

Pedro: (nervously) I c-can't ignore the low amount Of Food.

Peppa: I Believe They'll Find A Way.

Pedro: Belief Only Gets You So Far.

(The scene switches to Mr. Bull, alone in Jail)

Mr. Bull: Ain't No More Sunshine, Just Rain,Cold,and Suffering! Gereration Born To Die with Their Eyes Wide Open! The Clock Strikes! The Wrong Rights! The Mob Rules-*someone stops in Front of His Cell* I was Wondering When You'd Show Up.Aren't you afraid People Will See Us Together?

?: *Deep Voice* The Buiding's Empty.I could Kill You and Nobody would Know-nobody'd care.

(The screen pans out to reveal in Fact It's Mr. Wolf)

Mr. Wolf: *Normal Voice* I Thought I Told You To Lay Low and remember 25 Years Ago We Agreed To Keep Something Hidden?

Mr.Bull: That Contract Is Void from the Force Major from the Dome.

(The screen then shows that it is being watched on a Sercurity Camera by Edmond)

Edmond: *he can't hear what they are saying* What The Heckler Are They Doing!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

(The scene then switches back to The Diner)

Mrs. Gazzele: My Posistion, Grandad Dog, is That I Lower the Count and everything,We're already low on Food, but 3-Quarters of The Population could survive on what we have.We Just Have To Determine who's a Burdern and Who's A Asset.

(The scene then switches back to The Jail)

Edmond: *goes up to Mr. Bull's Cell* Mr. Bull?

Mr. Bull: *sees Edmond* Yes?

Edmond: I want Answers on Penny.

Mr. Bull: I'll Make A Deal With Ya, I'll tell you everything if you let me go.

Edmond: Uh-*starts asking himself if he should or not*

(The scene switches back to The High School)

Danny: I'm Gonna Find Out WHO That Locker Belongs TOO! *starts looking in the Record's for People who have had it over the last 50 years*

Brianna Bear: THERE! *points to a Picture of someone with the name Bes Bear*

Danny: Let's See Exactly Who That Is! *pulls out a Yearbook and starts looking through it and finally finds Bes Bear, He then Realizes that Bes Bear is WHO He's talking too now, and she is the same age as she was that long ago)

(Episode Ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Edmond Elephant

Mr. Wolf

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox (seen talking in the Diner)

Suzy Sheep

Mrs. Gazzele (Madame Gazelle)

Grandad Dog

Brianna Bear

Granny Dog (seen in video)

Mr. Bull

Mr. Potato


Unnamed Diner Patron

Towsnperson Cat

Pappa Cat (Seen in Year Book)

Bob Bear (Seen In Year Book)

Tumos Leapord (Seen In Year Book)

Gotener Goat (Seen In Year Book)


  • References:
  1. Mr. Bull is singing the Song Feel Good.
  2. The Red Rain falling is a Reference to what happened in [[1]]
  3. The Townspeople get ready to sing The Old Man is Snoring but are Interuppted before they get a Chance too.
  4. A Person in the Diner is seen reading a Book called He Lives In You which is a Reference to The Lion King.
  5. The Website Law Forces, is a Reference to the Real Website Law Force.Com
  • It is revealed that Granny Dog's Birthday is January 10, 1960.
  • Mr. Potato and The Director had a Slightly Bigger Role than in the Previous Episode.
  • It is Unknown if Mrs. Gazzele is Really Madame Gazzele or her Sister.
  • The Acid Rain was supposedly caused by the Fertizlizer from the Previous Episode.
  • Brianna Bear was Obvisisly Lying when she said her name was Bes Bear.This May Mean she is impersonating Bes Bear just so she can live in Town and not be reconzied as Brianna Bear by Peppa.
  • This is The First Appearance Of Mr. Bull.