I'm not actually a clever clogs 'cuz I've already been clogged!
— Edmond Elephant

Edmond Elephant is a recurring character in Peppa Pig. He is Emily Elephant's little brother, who is different to George Pig. Unlike the other toddlers in the show, he is very smart for his age; he knows about space and other stuff, and often gives out facts. He probably talks the most out of all the little boys and speaks in full sentences (sometimes he does talk). One thing Edmond does say a lot is "I'm a clever clogs!" and giving a big trumpet.


Edmond’s flesh is a violet-gray color; he wears a viridian shirt. Like everyone else in the canon series, he has rosy cheeks and black shoes. His body is the shape of an egg, meaning that he is slightly overweight for his age.



  • Edmond isn't the same age as the rest, but he appears to act like the oldest.
  • He had only cried a few times, less than the other toddlers.


  • In The Rickhulk, it was revealed that he owns his own lab.
  • He is interested in songbirds.
  • In InsaneBurrito's fandom, he has an IQ of 200.
  • In PEPDRO PINY FTW's fanon, he's secretly a mad scientist bent on destroying Peppa and figuring out how to become the protagonist.
  • He doesn't believe that the Narrator exists.
  • In Eggs, his name is Edmund.
  • In Peppa & Friends, his favorite food is chocolate cake.