Dragon! Rrrrrrr!
— Didier Donkey

Didier Donkey is Delphine Donkey's little brother. He is mostly quiet like George. So far, the only words he's ever said is "Dragon! Rrrrr!". Like Peppa and George, he loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. He is not very well known in the Peppa Pig World, just like the rest of the Donkey family.


His skin color is light gray, he wears an orange shirt and black shoes. He has a small tail. He carries around a red dragon with purple wings, just like how George carries around Mr. Dinosaur.


  • Didier appears to be younger than the rest (George, Richard, Zuzu Zebra, Zaza Zebra and Edmond).
  • Until the Peppa Pig episode “Didier Cries”, Didier is the only toddler in the show that never cried.