Hi everyone it's time to be CRACKTASTIC!

George: *flies* Wheeeeee!

Peppa: *flies* What the... not flying again!

George: LOL!


Suzy: *catches Peppa* Gotcha!

Peppa: Suzy! You saved my life! :D

Suzy: I got skill. *puts Peppa down and flies up*

Peppa: Oh shnap Suzy can fly too :o

Everyone except Peppa: *flies* Yo Peppa! What you doin'?

Peppa: NOTHING... *runs off*

Danny: LOL

Pedro: Wonder what that pig is up to... *flies over to where peppa ran off*

Peppa: What do you want?

Pedro: I want to ask you this. Why did you run off?

Peppa: Because I was getting kinda freaked out from all the flying.

Pedro: I understand. (not) *flies away*

Peppa: He doesn't care.

Hi everyone :)

Hope you liked my episode. I know it wasn't that cracktastic like I thought it was going to be, but let me know in the comments if you liked it or thought it was cracktastic.