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Peppa: Oh, new friend? Where are you?

Charlie: Here I am.

Peppa: (gasps) Who are you?

Charlie: The name's Charlie. Charlie Chipmunk. And yours?

Peppa: Uh... Peppa Pig.

Charlie: Nice to see you, my friend.

Peppa: You said it, Charlie.

Charlie: Wanna run a race?

Peppa: Sure thing.

Charlie: Okay. Who's the fastest runner of them all?

Peppa: I am!

Charlie: You are?

Peppa: Yes, my friend.

Charlie: Fastest? You're on! (runs off)

Peppa: Uh, erm... Okay... Here goes... (walks slowly like a snail) Slow and steady...

(two hours later...)

Peppa: Slow... and steady. (crosses the finish line) Hooray! Slow and steady wins the race!

Charlie: Wonderful, Peppa! Here comes first prize. (hands Peppa a trophy cup) How's that, my friend?

Peppa: (gasps) Wow! Isn't it remarkable, Charlie?!

Charlie: Yes, Peppa!

Peppa: And shiny, too! Thanks!

Charlie: No problem, my friend.

Peppa and Charlie: Good-bye! (both giggle and fall over)



This is the first appearance of Charlie Chipmunk.

Air Date

June 15, 2011 (UK)

June 22, 2011 (USA)