[Peppa is at a sleepover with her friends.]
Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion

Max Headroom.

Peppa: Let's watch this VHS from November 1987.

Max Headroom: [on TV] I still see the X!

Everyone: Eek! Too scary!

Suzy: What the-

Peppa: He stole CBS!

Max Headroom: [on TV] They're coming for me.

[A French maid appers on TV]

Candy, Zoè, ZuZu, ZaZa and Emily: Creepy.

Maid: [on TV] Bend over bi-

[The TV screen becomes static.]

Everyone: Hug us, we're scared!

[The lights flicker.]

Max Headroom: [popping out of TV] Bend over, b**ches!

[The screen fades to black and screams of the girls are heard.]

Max Headroom: I'm coming for you next!

The End